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What are Bonding and Adhesive Systems?

Adhesive tapes, epoxies, optically clear adhesives or rubbers (OCA/OCR) and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) are highly engineered materials typically used to adhere various materials together or bond a component into an assembly. Adhesive and bonding materials are critical components to high performance in nearly every industry.

Boyd is an adhesives expert with decades of experience designing custom solutions that feature adhesives and tape for quick and easy assembly. There are a number of key parameters that help Boyd engineers identify what adhesive system is best for an application. The success or failure of an adhesive relies on variables such as like mating substrate, polymer type, surface contact, dwell time or potential environmental exposures. Failing to consider all aspects of the application can lead to insufficient pull strength or impact resistance and inadequate temperature resistance or product lifetime.

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Bonding and Adhesive System Solutions:

  • Custom thicknesses, lengths, widths, colors, adhesion ratings
  • Designed & cut to custom shapes or slit-to-width
  • Formatted for use with automated assembly equipment & easy pick-and-place
  • Heat & flame resistant solutions
  • Heat activated tapes for ultimate bond adhesion
  • Innovative converting processes for island placement of adhesive, full or selective coverage & kiss-cut applications
  • Low to high flexibility
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesives for sensitive or enclosed applications
  • Optically clear adhesives (OCA), transparent or translucent tapes
  • Repositionable or low tack for applications that require reworkability
  • Resistance to UV, solvents, plasticizer migration, various chemicals & environmental exposures for reliable performance in diverse or harsh environments
  • Soft or hard durometers which help determine conformability or stability
  • Specialized low surface energy (LSE) formulations for hard to stick to substrates like powder coated surfaces, certain plastic or rubber compounds & oil residue
  • Thermally or electrically conductive adhesives & tapes
  • Ultra-low or high temperature resistance for environmental extremes

Bonding and Adhesive System Materials:

  • Acrylic tape, modified acrylic, rubber & silicone
  • Custom coatings / formulations
  • Differentially coated tapes (different adhesive types on either side)
  • Hook-and-loop options for bonding in repeated use applications
  • Low surface energy formulations (LSE)
  • Single or double coated tapes with various carriers (plastic films, cloth, foam, metal, etc.)
  • Transfer tape (“free film”)
  • Ultra-high bond formulations