Long term exposure to the elements and various environmental impacts expose devices to a multitude of contaminants that can impact the safety, efficiency, reliability, purity and life cycle of the device or its components. Boyd Corporation has decades of expertise in engineering die-cut, extruded, molded and precision converted sealing solutions designed to minimize the impact of unwanted contaminants.

Boyd's experienced engineering teams design custom products from optimized raw materials that seal out air, dust, debris, liquids and contaminants, maintain pure internal operating environments by sealing out external impacts and efficiently directing, shielding or insulating temperature and other forms of energy. The foundation for these seals begins with optimal raw materials custom selected for specific performance characteristics like using a closed cell foam for waterproof applications or selecting an open cell foam for filtration. Product configurations are custom designed to function in your specific application. Boyd's common sealing solutions are display gaskets and LCD window ring tapes, o-rings, water ingress seals, air filtration, dust ingress seals, extruded window and door seals, self-adhesive gaskets and airflow management.

Sealing solutions from Boyd enhance product performance, maintain environmental purity, enhance intended device efficiency and prolong product lifecycles.

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