High Density Folded Fins

Increased Surface Area and Heat Transfer

Boyd's liquid cold plates are available with high density fin, a technology that helps achieve improved thermal performance and enables reductions in cooling system size, weight and cost.

Fin density can be defined as the number of fin rows per unit length, and fin is typically available in densities of 6-11 fins per centimeter.

High Density Folded Fins reach up to 35 fins per centimeters, about 3X more than traditional folded fin stacks. Due to the challenges with fin pitch, high density fin architecture is currently available in straight-line configuration.

Boyd has additional customization capabilities for high density fins which can be mixed with standard density fin in hybrid configurations for both liquid cold plates and liquid-cooled chassis.

Some of the key advantages for Boyd’s high density products include:

  • High thermal performance
  • Weight savings up to 50%
  • Tighter surface temperature control
  • Improved cooling system efficiency

The charts below compare pressure drop and performance of improvements from High Density Folded Fins over traditional folded fin stacks.

Combining Boyd’s High Density Folded Fin capability with expertise in innovative complex machining geometries, tightly controlled brazing processes as well as highly accurate pressure drop and heat transfer simulations delivers optimal solutions for your thermal requirements.

copper heat spreader with fins and base

Chart 1

copper heat spreader with fins and base

Chart 2

copper heat spreader with fins and base

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