Heat Transport, Convection, & Dissipation

Transport and Dissipate Away from Heat-Sensitive Components

As heat cannot be destroyed, we can only transport and dissipate it safely away from users and heat-sensitive components. Devices have only gotten more powerful and depend on reliable thermal management to maintain long product lifetimes and safe operation.

Boyd employs a variety of technologies to transfer heat, even over large distances. Two phase technologies like heat pipes are ideal for quickly transferring heat from one area to another, with loop heat pipes extending up to 22.86 meters from the heat source. We can also use solid conduction technologies like thermal straps, thermal interface materials, or busses to conduct heat through materials. Thermosiphon technologies enable us to transport heat with the aid of gravity, helping us remove heat with the natural buoyancy of fluids.

finned heat pipe assembly with enclosure

Common Methods for Convecting Heat

Diverting air or liquids through a system are common methods for convecting heat out of a system. Our broad array of air cooling solutions like heat sinks, fans, and blowers and liquid cooling solutions like liquid cold plates, heat exchangers, pumps, and liquid cooling systems are common solutions to remove heat from simple to complex solutions. Each of these systems maximize heat transfer, typically through balancing flow rate, pressure drop, and surface area to produce optimized solutions geared towards their specific end application.

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