Keep Heat Away from Temperature-Sensitive Systems

Heat insulation and shielding are just as important to temperature control and thermal management as heat transfer is. Keeping heat away from temperature-sensitive systems and consumer environments is critical to product performance and functionality.

Many electronic systems, especially those that rely on batteries, cannot function in extreme cold or heat. Insulating batteries against the cold to keep system temperatures higher than ambient enable these systems to function in low temperature environments. Shielding these systems from extreme heat helps prevent battery damage, extend its life and assure trusted operation.

converted densified SOLIMIDE ® foams
evonik foam with foil backing


Commercial aircraft operates at an altitude where temperature is not optimal for passengers. Effective insulation assures aircraft cabins remain comfortable on long flights.

Thermal Insulation is Critical to Consumer Comfort and Safety

In automotive, commercial vehicle and heavy equipment operations, a significant amount of heat is generated by engines. In most instances, engine compartments are located very close to the passenger compartment, making heat shielding an important application to design between the engine and passenger compartments.

As consumers expect more rugged products, society pushes the boundary of where and how people are transported, and devices and assemblies are used in widely varying environments, heat shielding and thermal insulation have become more critical to consumer comfort and safety.

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