Recirculating Chiller Case Study

Custom Recirculating Chiller Meeting Challenging Tight Space Requirements

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The Challenge

A customer approached Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation for a custom cooling system with similar capacity to an RC022 recirculating chiller. It needed to be approximately half the usual size to fit within their existing design.

The Solution

Aavid’s engineers set to work, specially selecting compact components to fit the envelope and customizing the layout. Since the recirculating chiller was to be integrated into a larger piece of equipment, a ‘frameless’ design was chosen. RS232 control was incorporated so that it could be monitored and controlled through the customer’s system. Manufacturability and serviceability were considered throughout the design process. Aavid engineers worked closely with the customer’s engineering team. The result was a recirculating chiller prototype that matched all the size and performance specifications.

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