To meet the dynamic challenges of our customers, Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation utilizes a wide range of technologies to address the thermal management needs across all industries. Decades of experience in air and liquid cooling, two phase solutions, and heat exchangers make Aavid the world leader in designing, testing, and fabricating cooling solutions for the most demanding and cutting edge products. With such a high level of expertise, Aavid is uniquely qualified to help you select the right technology for your application.

Each technology can be utilized as either passive or active cooling solutions depending upon product and customer requirements. Learn more about each of the technologies below, or contact Aavid for assistance in selecting the right technology for your solution.

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Air Cooling

Heat Sinks, Fans, Blowers and Air to Air Heat Exchangers are popular cooling solutions for a wide array of products.

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Liquid Cooling

High heat flux applications typically require the extra cooling capacity of liquid cooling systems, liquid cold plates, and liquid to liquid heat exchangers.

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Two Phase Cooling

Aavid is the industry pioneer for two phase cooling technologies such as heat pipes, vapor champers, and thermosiphons for high heat density applications.

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Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers can bridge between fluid types with liquid to air or air to liquid heat exchangers for high performance cooling solutions.

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