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Protect customers and users from potential hazards with innovative materials, process control, and effective designs.

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Safety is a critical aspect to product design and fabrication, especially when the wellbeing of your users depends on your product. Protecting users from hazards like hot surfaces or high voltages is key to proper use of your end product and customer satisfaction. Protecting patients and health care providers from infection in medical environments is key to the safety of populations and progression of medicine. Protecting customers and employees from exposure to excessive noise or caustic materials is essential for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and component assemblers.

Learn more about how Boyd utilizes a wide variety of process control techniques, material expertise and design experience to help our customers design solutions that ensure:

  • Electrical Insulation & Safety to prevent shorting, exposure to high voltages & currents, fire safety, battery protection, and proper cable management

  • Infection Control that keeps health care providers safe, wound care products and medical environments sterile, as well as solutions that facilitate faster patient recovery

  • User Ingress Protection to prevent consumers or technicians from accessing areas of products that may be unsafe

  • Acoustic Protection that limits exposure to excessive noise

  • Informed user behavior with the use of Safety Labels

Electrical Insulation & Safety

As more products are electrified, OEMs are finding electrical insulation and cable safety a more critical portion of their product design. It is necessary to integrate electrical insulation and dielectric materials on a wide variety of products to assure consumer and technician safety across a wide variety of applications – each which has its own unique performance requirements.

Boyd utilizes a broad range of electrically isolating materials like polymeric films, ceramic hardware, molded components, and foams to help our customers manage electrical risks. By implementing proper electrical management solutions, our customers improve the prevention of electrical shorting and user exposure to high voltages or excessive currents. Added electrical insulation also improves new product designs by enabling denser products without the risk or arcing or shorting – meaning more functional components safely designed into a smaller dimensional space with greater power generation.

Complex electrical systems utilize vastly more complex cable networks as they transport higher volume information and power to more discrete locations. In addition to increased load, cable management is also a critical portion of electrical safety to prevent crossing wires or misidentification that can damage expensive equipment and potentially harm users.

In the case of electrical shorting, material selection plays a key part in fire safety. Fire resistant or retardant materials prevent the spread of flame and in some cases can extinguish or isolate a spark or flame. Fire resistant materials can also isolate system failures and protect the integrity of the balance of the system, critical for protecting users from a system failure and especially important in applications like battery systems that carry high risks during failure.

Learn about the materials and design techniques Boyd utilizes to create effective Electrical Insulation & Safety Solutions:

Infection Control

Sterile and disposable products help reduce infection, critical to the health and safety of patients and health care professionals. Medical disposables mitigate communicable disease transmission while advanced wound care products protect patients against infection from viruses and bacteria. These Infection Control solutions enable faster recovery and support medical progression. With proper infection control, patients benefit from less time in hospitals and clinics, decreasing costs for medical facilities and reducing insurance claim expenses.

Many of these Infection Control solutions are single or temporary use to help prevent the spread of infection. These solutions must meet critical safety requirements and at a scalable and affordable cost model. The performance, cost, material quality, reliability, and shelf life of disposable Infection Control solutions is a delicate balance of optimal material selection, effective component design, process innovation, cleanliness control, and quality assurance.

Durable Medical Products encounter different challenges where sealing out contaminants, preventing cross contamination, controlling the internal environment, and easy sterilization are essential to product design and fabrication success.

Learn how Boyd implements quality control and precision processes in cleanroom environments to produce effective Infection Control Solutions:

User Ingress Protection

Not every portion of a product is safe for a user to contact. Mechanical parts, high voltage areas, and hot surfaces are unsafe for customers to touch or approach. It’s also important to protect technicians as they service installed devices with ingress protection solutions. To help prevent users and technicians from encountering potentially dangerous environments within a product or assembly, OEMs implement User Ingress Control solutions to guide safe behavior. Solutions like safety cages & railings, finger guards, insulating materials, and meshes help keep customers and technicians away from hazards.

Learn more about how Boyd utilizes manufacturing processes, material selection and robust design to prevent User Ingress into unsafe areas:

Acoustic Control

Acoustic Control Technologies help protect users and systems from excessive exposure to noise and vibration. Acoustic insulation and meshes help limit transmitted noise and maintain safe acoustic levels, especially important for workplace safety and compliance. Insulating foams prevent noise transmission emitting from loud environments like engine compartments or into controlled environments like heavy equipment operator cabs - which can create unsafe user environments or disrupt more sensitive processes or devices nearby.

While many of our technologies include ways to mitigate or prevent transmission of noise and vibration, we also use our design expertise to develop active systems that keep noise lower than traditional counterparts. Our engineering team designs blowers that maintain high performance with lower acoustics.

Learn how Boyd utilizes design and material selection to improve Acoustic Control:

Safety Labels

Safety Labels assists OEMs to communicate key usage behavior information to consumers. System Information Graphics share critical details on how users and technicians can safely interact with complex systems. By informing consumers and technicians how to properly install, maintenance, and interact with their products, OEMs ensure longer product lifetimes and greater user safety.

Read more about how Boyd utilizes material and adhesive selection, color matched printing, and precision converting to create effective Safety Labels:

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