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Need help determining which cooling system is best for your application? Try our Cooling System Selector to sort through Aavid’s liquid cooling system options.

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Chiller Software Downloads

Download and install our software to run your Aavid chiller or cooling systems with intelligent controls.

Chiller Software Files:


Technical Manuals

Learn more about the specifications, installation, service, safety and troubleshooting of Aavid’s recirculating chillers and liquid cooling systems in our manuals.

Recirculating Chiller Manuals:

Modular Ambient Cooling System Manuals:

Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling System Manuals:

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Liquid Cooling System Service

We stand behind our liquid cooling systems and expect them to perform reliably for you over many years. Achieving this long tenured, reliable performance does require regular maintenance to assure peak performance.

We’re responsive to customer support needs ranging from spare parts fulfillment, system service, and repair solutions. Globally available service operations and factory-certified technicians provide rapid, effective, and affordable service to minimize system maintenance downtime.

Service Agreements

For those customers who do not want to manage service needs on-demand, Boyd offers worry-free service agreements custom-tailored to your needs that addresses all your Liquid Cooling System maintenance and support requirements, and can include:

On-site support for warranty and non-warranty repairs
Scheduled preventative maintenance
Service rotator warehousing
Spare parts stocking

Training and On-Site Support

Customer training and a variety of on-site services help you optimize management of your liquid cooling systems, including:

Equipment user training
Preventative maintenance training
OEM help desk training
On-site diagnosis and repair of equipment
Spare part installation training

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