What is Dead Front Printing?

Effective user interfaces only show the most critical information to the viewer at a given time. For certain applications, calling attention to an ind...

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Backlit Graphic Overlay Development

There are many different ways that backlighting can add visual contrast and style to graphic overlays. Backlit graphic overlays have quickly become po...

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Fundamentals of Functional Inks: Part 1

Depending on the application, there are several different kinds of functional inks used to print flexible circuits. Functional inks are a cost-effecti...

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Noise and Vibration Dampening (Part 2)

Boyd's engineers use a variety of foams, tapes, and silicones to solve acoustic challenges. In our previous blog Noise and vibration dampening (Part 1...

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High-Volume Technical Printing: Printing Equipment

Boyd employs two different kinds of presses for high-volume technical printing projects. In this second blog of our series on high-volume technical pr...

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Backlighting Capacitive Touch Circuits

From selective printing to using clear conductive ink, we use several techniques to ensure consistent backlighting with capacitive touch (PCAP) switch...

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Stainless Steel: Colors and Textures

Stainless steel is a durable substrate that can be enhanced with a number of different color and texture options. When it comes to stainless steel, th...

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Display Design Testing Light Lab

Boyd's state-of-the-art Light Lab allows Boyd's engineers to test displays and designs to ensure they meet every specification. When it comes to displ...

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Elastomer Keypad Benefits

Elastomer offers a highly customizable and incredibly durable keypad solution for any user interface. On any user interface, the keypad is often the f...

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Capacitive Touch Technology Advantages

Becoming more popular over the last several years, capacitive touch switches offer a number of benefits when compared to other user-interface (UI) tec...

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Badging Treatments for Extreme Under the Hood Conditions

Automotive badges and emblems that reside under the hood (UTH) need specific coatings and adhesives to withstand extreme conditions. Under the hood (U...

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Stainless Steel: Brushed Finishes

Used frequently for automotive and appliance applications, brushed mechanical finishes can heighten the aesthetic properties of stainless-steel compon...

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Stainless Steel Alloys

While stainless steel is a durable material for many applications, not all steel alloys are created equal. As one of the most common materials for par...

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Projected Capacitive Touchscreens

Commonly used in everything from smartphones to monitors, projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens are a versatile and durable touchscreen technology....

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Fundamentals of Functional Inks: Part 2

Used in conjunction with conductive inks, non-conductive inks are important for functional products and decorative applications. This blog is the seco...

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Active Web vs Dead Web in Elastomer Keypads

Deciding between active web and dead web designs can give an elastomer keypad a distinct and unique feel. In another blog, we discussed how elastomer ...

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Optical Encoders in LiDAR Sensors

As autonomous vehicles take the world by storm, Boyd's optical encoders help make the technology possible. In a recent blog post, we discussed what op...

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Resistive Touchscreen Types

One of the most common touchscreen technologies out there, resistive touchscreens are ideal for many applications. In today's world, touchscreens are ...

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Noise and Vibration Dampening (Part 1)

To solve tough buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR) challenges, Boyd's engineers employ custom acoustic management solutions. Buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR)...

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What are Optical Encoders?

Optical encoders are important electro-mechanical components used in everything from printers to speedometers. Although optical encoders are found in ...

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Display Modules Cover Glass Types

When it comes to protecting a display, there are several different types of cover glass with different advantages and drawbacks. When developing a new...

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Die-Cuts: Replacing Metal Fasteners and Liquid Adhesives

When it comes to holding two materials together, die-cuts offer many advantages when compared to other fastening methods. Mechanical fasteners and liq...

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Metalphoto Benefits

Using anodized aluminum, the Metalphoto® process creates incredibly durable nameplates and placards. Are you in need of a highly durable and high-end ...

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Injection Molded Plastic Design for Manufacturability

One of the most important phases of creating a new plastic component is assessing the design for optimal manufacturability. Plastic Design for Manufac...

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Lithographic Printing

Ideal for high-volume production, lithographic printing is a commonly used printing process at Boyd. Lithographic printing, an offset printing techniq...

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