The Evolving World of Smart Wearables

From connected clothing to smart electronics to medical components, the world of smart wearables is constantly evolving. Smart wearables are becoming ...

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Medical Wearable Device Design - Part 1 - Attaching to the Skin

Adhesive Medical Wearable Devices need reliable materials to not only withstand use, but be gentle enough of the skin. Streamlining Medical Wearable D...

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High-Volume Technical Printing: Printing Equipment

Boyd employs two different kinds of presses for high-volume technical printing projects. In this second blog of our series on high-volume technical pr...

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Capacitive Touch Technology Advantages

Becoming more popular over the last several years, capacitive touch switches offer a number of benefits when compared to other user-interface (UI) tec...

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Medical Wearable Device Design - Part 2 - Functionality in Tight Volumes

Medical Wearable Devices require high functionality in small volumes, which requires advanced materials and assemblies for success. Streamlining Medic...

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Boyd's Essential Sealing, Thermal, and Protection Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to accelerate, the world is faced with new challenges each to combat and overcome the virus. With each rising chall...

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Device Datasheets: Power Dissipation and How to Calculate Max Case Temperature

Extracting input information from device datasheets is the first step in determining your thermal requirements for your application Gathering Critical...

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