What is Thermal Runaway?

Thermal runaway is a chain reaction that results from too much heat building up inside of a battery pack. Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries are one of th...

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What is Lightweighting and Why is it Important?

Lightweighting is important to create more economical products with a smaller environmental footprint. For decades, engineers have looked for ways to ...

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What Is a Thermosiphon?

Thermosiphons are passive, two-phase thermal management systems that have a wide variety of benefits and potential applications. Thermosiphons are an ...

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What is Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) Bonding?

Optically clear adhesive (OCA) bonding adheres display layers together with a sheet adhesive to maximize optical clarity. In our previous bl...

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Display Integration and Vehicle Display Systems – Ask an Expert Q&A

We sat down with one of our display experts to answer a few frequently asked questions about Display Integration. In the second edition of our Ask an ...

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What is Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) Bonding?

Liquid optical clear adhesive (LOCA) is a durable bonding method that utilizes a liquid adhesive. In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits...

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What is Air Gap Bonding?

Air gap bonding is an inexpensive and versatile display bonding technology. As performance requirements for integrated touchscreens and displays conti...

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Electric Vehicle Batteries: Protecting Against Collision and Thermal Runaway


Learn how Boyd helps protect electric vehicle batteries against collision impact and li-ion thermal runaway Battery charge range historically cha...

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Boyd Develops Cooling Solution for the Critical SuperCam Assembly of the Perseverance Mars Rover


Boyd continues its long tradition of Aerospace thermal management expertise on NASA's latest Mars Mission, the Perseverance Mars Rover. Cooling Soluti...

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Boyd's Silicone Sustainability


Working with Silicone Extrusions inspired Boyd to analyze our processes to see how we could make a more positive environmental impact. As part of a co...

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SPC: What is Process Control?


An important Statistical Process Control (SPC) tool, Process Capability Index (Cpk) can help optimize production. This blog is the second in our serie...

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ThermoElectric Device Embedded Controller


Innovations in thermoelectric modules have the potential to drastically impact the entertainment world. Applying Thermoelectric Devices in New Ways TE...

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Display Design Testing Light Lab

Boyd's state-of-the-art Light Lab allows Boyd's engineers to test displays and designs to ensure they meet every specification. When it comes to displ...

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What is ElectraGraphics?

The unique ElectraGraphics process creates highly durable and three-dimensional stainless steel nameplates. ElectraGraphics is the process of plating ...

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Medical Wearable Device Design - Part 1 - Attaching to the Skin

Adhesive Medical Wearable Devices need reliable materials to not only withstand use, but be gentle enough on the skin. Streamlining Medical Weara...

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Functional Display Testing

Once a display has met all necessary visual requirements, it's important to run tests to ensure that it functions properly. In our previous blog on op...

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Optical Characterization Testing

To ensure all of a display's visual requirements are met, Boyd offers several optical characterization testing services. One could argue that the disp...

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Bond, Thermal Bond: An Overview on Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

Bonded Fin Heat Sink Assemblies are ideal for high fin:gap aspect ratios that maximizing heat transfer in forced convection solutions. Bonded Fin Heat...

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Injection Molding

Boyd uses several different Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools to refine manufacturing processes. As customer needs become more nuanced, it is in...

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Designing Coolant Distribution Units (CDU) into Data Center Systems

When it comes to designing a CDU into a data center, few things are as important as ensuring sensitive components maintain the proper operating temper...

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Metal Insert Molding

For added durability, metal insert molding is a process that combines metal and plastic to create robust parts. When a part needs to hold up against h...

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Two-Phase Cooling - Ask an Expert Q&A

Two-Phase Cooling encompasses several different cooling technologies, so we sat down with one of our thermal experts to answer some frequently asked q...

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Thermosiphon Configurations and Applications

Thermosiphons are one of the most efficient two-phase thermal management systems, but where and how are they typically used? In our previous blog, we ...

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Thermosiphons vs Heat Pipes

While Thermosiphons and Heat Pipes often look and behave similarly, there are a few key differences between them. In our previous blogs, we've gone ov...

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Improving Plastic Materials with Additives

From improving heat resistance to increasing structural integrity, there are a number of additives used improve the mechanical properties of thermopla...

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What is Roll Coating?

Whether for a protection or for visual enhancement, roll coating is one of the most efficient ways to apply a coating to metal parts. From enhancing t...

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Elastomer Keypad Benefits

Elastomer offers a highly customizable and incredibly durable keypad solution for any user interface. On any user interface, the keypad is often the f...

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Capacitive Touch Technology Advantages

Becoming more popular over the last several years, capacitive touch switches offer a number of benefits when compared to other user-interface (UI) tec...

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Thermal Convection: Natural versus Forced Convection

Thermal Convection: A Pillar of Heat Transfer In a majority of thermal management solutions, we use thermal convection as a means to remove heat away ...

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Thermal Radiation: Key for Natural Convection Solutions

Thermal engineers are radiant about the effects of thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is one of three modes of heat transfer, along with convection ...

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Thermal Management Introduction: Keeping Devices Cool

As everything becomes more electrified, higher powered, and digitally connected, devices produce more heat that can limit lifetime and reliability of ...

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Medical Wearable Device Design - Part 2 - Functionality in Tight Volumes

Medical Wearable Devices require high functionality in small volumes, which requires advanced materials and assemblies for success. Streamlining Medic...

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Solar Eclipse Thermals: Radiation's Effect on Weather

We generally take regular events for granted. Sometimes, it's only when our regular programming gets disrupted that we realize how much impact these e...

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It's All About the Base, 'Bout the Base, No Trouble.

Heat sink bases facilitate the conduction of thermal energy from heat sources the added surface area of fins for improved heat dissipation. Heat Sink ...

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Skived Fin Heat Sinks: Solutions as Smooth as Butter

Skived Fin Heat sinks are a single piece construction component for increased surface area and higher heat dissipation. Skived Fin Heat Sinks: Singula...

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Extruded Heat Sinks: The Metal Version of Play Dough

Extruded Heat Sinks are a popular choice due to being economical, easy to make in bulk, and require few secondary processes. Extruded heat sinks are o...

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Folded Fin Heat Sinks: Putting All of Those Origami Skills to Work!

An economical option for increasing surface area, folded fins increase heat transfer and performance in heat sinks, heat exchangers, and liquid cold p...

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How To Measure An O-Ring

O-Rings are an essential sealing component prolific in every industry, so there's shapes and sizes to fit nearly every application. O-Rings: The right...

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Everyday Thermals: Boiling Pot of Water

Thermals affect us everyday, even without us knowing. Heat transfer is just a form of energy transfer. We're busy people and move energy around all th...

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Cool Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is gearing up to power more advanced applications, but come with more thermal challenges. Cool Artificial Intelligence is Maki...

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Badging Treatments for Extreme Under the Hood Conditions

Automotive badges and emblems that reside under the hood (UTH) need specific coatings and adhesives to withstand extreme conditions. Under the hood (U...

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Stainless Steel: Colors and Textures

Stainless steel is a durable substrate that can be enhanced with a number of different color and texture options. When it comes to stainless steel, th...

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Stainless Steel: Brushed Finishes

Used frequently for automotive and appliance applications, brushed mechanical finishes can heighten the aesthetic properties of stainless-steel compon...

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Stainless Steel Alloys

While stainless steel is a durable material for many applications, not all steel alloys are created equal. As one of the most common materials for par...

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Backlit Graphic Overlay Development

There are many different ways that backlighting can add visual contrast and style to graphic overlays. Backlit graphic overlays have quickly become po...

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The Evolving World of Smart Wearables

From connected clothing to smart electronics to medical components, the world of smart wearables is constantly evolving. Smart wearables are becoming ...

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SPC: What are Control Charts?

The final tool in our SPC blog series, Control Charts are helpful tools for identifying and eliminating unwanted variation in production. This blog is...

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Projected Capacitive Touchscreens

Commonly used in everything from smartphones to monitors, projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens are a versatile and durable touchscreen technology....

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Technical Printing: Development

For technical printing projects, Boyd provides support from development all the way to production. This blog is the second in our series on technical ...

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Technical Printing: Qualification Procedures

Technical printing projects go through several qualification procedures before moving to full production. In the final blog of our three-part series o...

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