Quality and Sourcing Technologies

Supply Chain Management

Boyd utilizes multiple methodologies to help track products during assembly, installation, maintenance, and quality management processes. We can implement serialized labels, laser marking, adhesive RFID stickers, and Bluetooth coding to track products over the course of their lifetime.

Kitting and Assembly

Assembly processes influence the end quality of a product. The performance and quality of optical and medical products rely on strict process control and FOD-free environments. This is especially true for assemblies required to be stored, handled or manufactured in controlled environments like cleanrooms.

Brand and Warranty Management

Your brand image doesn’t end when your product ships to the customer. From the customer’s perspective, warranty service, certification compliance, badging and labeling also shape your brand. By implementing durable labeling and badges, customers are more likely to recall your product and associate your quality with your name. Labels and stickers can incorporate multiple functions like electrical isolation, identifying regulatory and certification compliance, or indicating tamper evidence or moisture damage

Design Longer Lasting, More Reliable Products

Product Success goes beyond the product itself. Managing costs, logistics, and service claims are just as critical to our customers' success as the Product. By improving processes surrounding design, fabrication and assembly, kitting and warranty management, our customers can manage and reduce costs by streamlining quality and sourcing.

Learn how Boyd Corporation can help you better manage and streamline product quality and sourcing.

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Environmental Policy
  • Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility (GR&R)
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Quality Policy and Commitment
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
cleanroom testing station
cleanroom quality testing stations

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Supply Chain Management

Using our integration processes and technologies, Boyd can also help you consolidate vendor lists and bill of materials to help simplify your supply chain. Boyd's multifunctional assemblies, highly diversified solutions, and kitting processes reduces the number of vendors our customers need to manage for smoother product fabrication and service. All of this helps to deliver the total lowest landed costs to customers.

Kitting and Assembly

Boyd utilizes cleanrooms from class 100 to 100k to produce and assemble contaminant-free components.

Kitting helps end users install or maintenance products by including all key components together in a single package.

Brand and Warranty Management

Tamper evidence labels and moisture indicators help your service team manage and verify warranty claims from your end users.

Learn about the technologies and solutions Boyd uses to help customers with Brand & Warranty Management. View general resources below or more detailed categories in the tabs above.

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