Product Finishing Technologies

Interior Finishing

Interior Finishing is how manufacturers complete an enclosed space, like a vehicle cabin, to ensure the safety and comfort of users. Heat shielding and foam help protect passengers and operators from harsh external environments or excessive heat from the engine or battery compartments.

Exterior Finishing

Exterior Finishing solutions help join and/or seal external components together as well as cover up rough joints and finished edges. These joints can be static and rigid or they may require flexing if they need to protect a hinge or dynamic surface.


Labels are a clear and cost effective method for OEMs to communicate directly to their users. Solutions like system information labels and graphic overlays are used to convey instructions and safety warnings to anyone who encounters your products such as technicians, operators, and customers.


Logos and badging are only part of your brand; a brand also includes product presentation, from colors and finishes to the overall look and feel of the finished item. Boyd’s technologies enable us to produce badges, labels, and components with exact color match that tie your brand image together on a variety of complementary componentry.

Complete the Look and Feel of Your Product

While product functionality is at the core of its success, appropriate finishing components are required for visual aesthetics, branding, and informing consumers. The right finishing solutions can make or break a user experience.

Boyd Utilizes a Wholistic Approach

Learn how Boyd utilizes a wholistic approach to understanding the environment a finishing product will function in, how you intend consumers to interact with or around it, as well as how you intend it to function. Starting with how raw materials are selected to provide specific performance specifications, to how a solution is designed holistically with your full device in mind, to how we design our production processes, Boyd implements it’s expertise to help you create:

  • Interior and Exterior Finishing that visually links together components while adding their own sealing, thermal, and protection functionality to your final product.
  • Labels that enable product manufacturers to communicate clearly with their users on product compliance, usage instructions, and safety information.
  • Badging to help complete the look of your product by fabricating a durable and lasting impression to your customers.
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Interior Finishing

Interior Finishing also includes durable components to prevent wear on frequently used surfaces, molded covers and paneling to protect internal components or create useful features, and adhesive backed fabrics that help absorb noise and improve aesthetics within the space.

Boyd uses its manufacturing expertise, supply chain management and assembly processes to create a safe and visually appealing space for your customers with Interior Finishing.

Exterior Finishing

External Finishing solutions are vital to the protection of interior components as they prevent environmental exposure to less durable components. These finishing solutions rely on material selection and proper design in order to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, UV exposure, and wear and friction to help ensure longer product lifetimes and reduce maintenance.


As more products use LED and LCD indicators, graphic overlays help increase your ability to communicate with customers and improve comprehension of your product status.

From material selection, to durable color processing and custom color matching, to rigid registration control and unique production technologies that help ruggedize labeling application, learn more about the processes and capabilities that Boyd uses to help you create clear and informative label solutions. Check our general Label resources below or learn more specific information in the category tabs above.


We work with our material or ink vendors to find the right polymeric materials or inks that will match your pantone and use conditions, enabling you to adhere to your brand’s visual language without fading and deterioration over the lifetime of your product. We help our customers produce an image that will endure.

Delight your customers with nods to your brand in unexpected internal places, from extruded trim, molded components, O-rings and handles. Create a consistent image and own your color throughout your full assembly so your customers will recognize your parts, even without the logo.

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