Integration Technologies

Design Simplification

Increased product functionality usually comes at the cost of increased complexity, more components, and higher manufacturing costs. Adding new features into a product typically drive costs up for consumers as the assembly process increases in intricacy with additional Bill of Material (BOM) components.

Advanced Assembly

The increasing complexity of products push OEMs to search for partners that can innovate processes that create more advanced assemblies. Challenges like tolerance stack up, dissimilar materials, and foreign object debris (FOD) management make these complex products difficult to fabricate.

Complete Solutions

Boyd’s wholistic approach to solving our customers challenges have driven us to incorporate Sealing, Thermal, and Protection capabilities into complete solutions that make installation and setup faster and easier.

Combine Multiple Product Functions into Complete Assemblies

Advancements in technology continue to drive the complexity and functionality of new products. As these products increase in complexity, OEMs are adding more components to meet increasing functionality demands of their customers, which comes at additional cost in materials, manufacturing, logistical complexity, and assembly.

Design Simplification

Boyd’s engineering team takes a wholistic approach in new designs, which is why Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seek our assistance to integrate multiple components and functions into a simpler, streamlined design. By integrating multifunctional components into a single deliverable that’s ready to implement in assembly processes, we help customers reduce assembly time, vendor lists, and supply chain complexity. Design Simplification also reduces costs and increases viability of customers’ products with our in-depth material knowledge, process expertise, and customer-focused approach.

Instead of looking to integrate a singular component within a product assembly, Boyd’s field application engineers and sales executives evaluate the surrounding design infrastructure looking for nearby components that feature complementary functionality and/or materials. We may identify 8 to 10 individual components in a design that are likely candidates to be manufactured holistically. We then challenge ourselves to create manufacturing methodologies that integrate the full performance functionality of these 8 – 10 individual components in one deliverable.

An example includes LED display bonding technologies where we design the lens bonding adhesive used to secure the lens of a phone display to the phone’s chassis. Complementary components near this display bonding adhesive may be an integrated speaker gasket, microphone gasket, EMI shielding layer, vibration absorbing foam cushions and other light enhancement films for the LED module. Our integration specialists then create innovative manufacturing processes to deliver these 6 different components into one streamlined product, ready with registration control for automated assembly processes with ultra-tight tolerances.

Advanced Assembly

From adhesives, to hook and loop fabrics, metal joining and more, Boyd produces complex assemblies that make final production simpler. As a precision converter, Boyd constantly innovates new processes to hold tighter tolerances and assemble more layers than ever before. With exceptional registration control, our customers can assemble our components in their production lines seamlessly for high quality production. Boyd’s extensive clean room capacity ensures optical clarity and the elimination of contaminants during production.

Complete Solutions

Boyd’s wholistic approach to solving our customers challenges have driven us to incorporate Sealing, Thermal, and Protection capabilities into complete solutions that make installation and setup faster and easier. Our engineering team can address issues from the device and board level up to full system solutions. Examples of complete, ready-to-install solutions include:

  • Chassis & Enclosures that incorporate thermal management systems, environmental protection from particulates, shock & NVH, and EMI/RFI shielding
  • Complete Liquid cooling loops and systems that include chillers, heat exchangers, liquid cold plates, hoses, connectors, and full system controls.
  • Heat spreaders with heat shielding, electrical isolation, EMC, and adhesives making it ready for installation
rotary die cutting machine
laser cutting

Expertise in a Wide Array of Manufacturing Processes

Boyd’s expertise in a wide array of manufacturing processes, advanced materials, joining technologies, and kitting & assembly enable simplification of complex designs and components. We work closely with design teams to determine functionality requirements and find ways to create single, multifunctional deliverables that are ready for installation in both manual and automated production lines. By integrating multiple functions into a single component, we help mitigate costs, reduce assembly time and BOM complexity while reducing the number of vendors you need to manage.

  • Design Simplification to increase functionality in fewer components with advanced material selection and converting technologies
  • Advanced Assembly techniques that enable us to produce complex assemblies with ultra-tight tolerances
  • Complete Solutions that integrate Sealing, Thermal, and Protection into a single cohesive system or deliverable

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