Integration Technologies

Combine multiple product functions into complete assemblies

Integration Technologies

Advancements in technology continue to drive the complexity and functionality of new products. As these products increase in complexity, OEMs are adding more components to meet increasing functionality demands of their customers, which comes at additional cost in materials, manufacturing, logistical complexity, and assembly.

Boyd’s expertise in a wide array of manufacturing processes, advanced materials, joining technologies, and kitting & assembly enable simplification of complex designs and components. We work closely with design teams to determine functionality requirements and find ways to create single, multifunctional deliverables that are ready for installation in both manual and automated production lines. By integrating multiple functions into a single component, we help mitigate costs, reduce assembly time and BOM complexity while reducing the number of vendors you need to manage.

Learn more about Boyd’s techniques and processes for:

  • Design Simplification to increase functionality in fewer components with advanced material selection and converting technologies

  • Advanced Assembly techniques that enable us to produce complex assemblies with ultra-tight tolerances

  • Complete Solutions that integrate Sealing, Thermal, and Protection into a single cohesive system or deliverable