European Heat Sink Extrusions

We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to open the option to purchase Standard European part numbers on our Online Store. For the time being, all Standard European part numbers, prints and dimensions are available here for your use. Please click on the part numbers below for European heat sink extrusion profiles. Should you have questions on design, how to order or customization needs, please contact our sales or engineering department today.

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05026   000MK   0S036   0S142   0S462   0S506   0S524   0S562   0SA48   0SY12   BS085   BS273
05131   000NV   0S041   0S144   0S467   0S507   0S526   0S563   0SA66   0SY39   BS093   BS348
0000D   000SW   0S044   0S146   0S471   0S508   0S527   0S565   0SA68   0SY54   BS100   BS425
0000E   000YB   0S056   0S150   0S472   0S509   0S528   0S569   0SA71   0SY67   BS102   BS464
0000M   0S009   0S058   0S168   0S479   0S510   0S529   0S579   0SA72   0SY76   BS105   BS491
0000W   0S014   0S075   0S172   0S482   0S511   0S533   0S581   0SX43   0SY77   BS111   HFR160
000EA   0S017   0S080   0S202   0S484   0S512   0S547   0S584   0SX53   0SY78   BS119   HFR170
000EB   0S020   0S097   0S216   0S487   0S515   0S550   0S585   0SX58   0SY93   BS121   HFR270
000EP   0S021   0S105   0S220   0S488   0S516   0S551   0S586   0SX68   BS002   BS138   HFR280
000KB   0S022   0S110   0S260   0S489   0S517   0S552   0S587   0SX76   BS019   BS147   HFR370
000KL   0S024   0S117   0S280   0S496   0S518   0S555   0SA12   0SX77   BS064   BS181   HFR380
000KR   0S025   0S120   0S452   0S499   0S519   0S556   0SA30   0SX96   BS075   BS229   SKP259
000MC   0S032   0S124   0S460   0S501   0S520   0S559   0SA36   0SX98   BS077   BS236   SKP267
000MD   0S033   0S134   0S461   0S505   0S522   0S561   0SA47   0SY03   BS083   BS258   SKP270