Electrical Insulation

Complex electronic devices generate immense internal energy from multiple energy sources and have the potential to spark energy or electricity, which is detrimental to reliable performance. An electrical insulator functions as an electrical insulation barrier or shield, helping assure you of trusted performance.

Boyd’s LectroShield Electrical Insulators are designed to manage high levels of electrical energy with excellent dielectric strength in harsh environments. These help extend the lifetime of electrical equipment and reduce electrical failure and are ideal for applications requiring high electrical and breakdown resistance. A LectroShield electrical insulator can be printed on for dual purpose electrical insulation and branding, as well as made from living hinge plastic materials that can be repetively bent and folded without breaking or cracking.

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  • High levels of electrical, chemical & mechanical integrity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Reduce premature electrical failure
  • Helps extend life of electrical equipment
  • UL 94 rated
  • RoHS compliant
  • Durable & reliable in demanding environments
  • Excellent dielectric strength
  • Printable, combines labeling & insulative components into one solution
  • Living hinge materials


  • Polyimide films
  • Polycarbonate films: lays flat and is dimensionally stable,      creases and cold forms well, excellent impact resistance, UL      flammability testing approved. Available in thin plastic sheets      with polished surfaces on both sides or a textured finish.
  • Polypropylene films: lays semi-flat with excellent impact      resistance, bends and cuts/scores for folding without cracking,      retains structural integrity and dimensional stability even in the      most demanding outdoor applications, non-hygroscopic with      moisture absorption 0.06%, UL flammability testing approved.
  • Polyester films
  • Polyamide films/paper

Market Applications:

  • Servers & server cabinets
  • Routers
  • Power distribution & converters
  • Gaming systems, home entertainment devices, television
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Industrial automation & manufacturing controls & power      sources
  • PC board to housing barriers
  • Electrical box insulation
  • System information labels / input-output labels
  • Graphic overlays
  • Air flow management, internal baffles


Consumer Electronics
Enterprise Electronics