Aircraft Insulation

SOLIMIDE® polyimide foam was developed with U.S. government agency, NASA, for the Apollo spacecraft and has since been used by dozens of the world’s leading OEMs, including most major commercial aircraft manufacturers as aircraft insulation across a variety of applications. The lightweight, fire resistant, open cell foam provides excellent thermal and acoustic capabilities, is self-supporting, is effective across a wide temperature range and meets various industry and OEM specifications like FAR25.856, BMS8-300 and AIMS 04-14-004. This advanced aircraft insulation technology provides enhanced passenger safety, improved fuel efficiency, increased aircraft availability, greater acoustic comfort, and easier installation and maintenance. The performance enhancements result in a lower total cost of ownership for aircraft OEMs, passenger and cargo airline organizations, and maintenance, repair and overhaul service providers.

To learn more about our SOLIMIDE® products, please visit our SOLIMIDE® page.

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  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic qualities
  • Lightweight and non-toxic
  • Meets FAR 25.856(a) fire resistance
  • Low off-gassing with no formaldehyde
  • Very low smoke when exposed to flame
  • Heat and pressure formable
  • Flexible at cryogenic temperatures
  • Does not support microbial growth
  • Does not emit particles into the air
  • Resists water and humidity absorption
  • Durable to maintain shape integrity
  • Attach hook and loop for easy installation and repair
  • Advanced longevity & durability compared to competing products like fiberglass
  • Flame barrier
  • Customized solutions for unique challenges


  • The SOLIMIDE® polyimide family of foams includes HT-340, AC-550, AC-550H, CC-306, TA-301, and AC-530. The products have different weights and optimal temperature use ranges, making each product unique to its end use application. To learn more about our products, please visit our SOLIMIDE® page.

Market Applications:

  • The open cell foam is ideal for airplane fuselage insulation, galleys, doors, ceilings, bays, tubing, gaskets, duct insulation for OBIGGS (on-board inert gas generation), NGS (nitrogen generation system, ECS (environmental control system) and specialty space and defense applications.