Environmental Protection Solutions

Improve the lifetime and reliability of products in tough environments with products that prevent wear and dust ingress.

Environmental Protection Solutions

Shock, Noise, Vibration & Harshness    Dust Ingress Control    Airflow Management     Cabinets & Enclosures

Consumers expect products to function and perform well in the harshest environments and withstand tough use. Unforgiving conditions expose sensitive components, mating surfaces, and complex systems to dust and debris, moisture, shock, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and other unwanted contaminants. By utilizing Environmental Protection solutions, the effects of these conditions can be mitigated to help extend the lifetime and reliability of consumer products.

Boyd’s material selection, design, testing, and precision converting expertise enable you to efficiently manage internal energy from electronics and machinery and protect against external debris. Boyd can provide the right Environmental Protection Solution to help you improve customer satisfaction and protect the long-term reliable performance and safety of your product.

Shock, Noise, Vibration, & Harshness

Some of the toughest conditions a product will encounter are shock and noise, vibration, & harshness (NVH). These conditions put mechanical and bonded joints, mating surfaces and device ruggedization to the test. Integrating components that can effectively absorb this extra, intermittent energy into the device enables smoother, quieter, more reliable performance by end users.

Boyd employs a variety of solutions and methodologies to reduce the effects of NVH and shock. By selecting the right material, manufacturing process, and geometry for products like vibration isolators, stamped dampers, grommets, bumpers and cushions, Boyd enables device and technology designers to focus on improving the functionality of end products instead of troubleshooting NVH and shock issues.

  • Bushings
  • Cushions
  • Foams
  • Grommets & Vibration Isolators
  • Isolators & Fittings

Dust Ingress Control

Dust & Ingress Protection is becoming a critical part of application requirements across nearly every industry as consumers are demanding more resilient products. Surfaces unprotected against foreign particles can wear faster and require more frequent replacement. Electronics subjected to moisture or debris can short and fail, dramatically increasing warranty claims. Cameras, sensors, speakers, microphones, input and charger ports are all potential ingress locations on electronics, which require adequate protection for longer product lifetimes.

Moving components are susceptible to wear and tear from sand, dust and debris. Protecting components like handles, shifters, and electronic interfaces with buttons and keypads, reduces wear on a device and extends the lifetime, safety and reliability of complete systems.

Fluid systems can be compromised by the introduction of foreign particles, so protection of ingress locations is critical to their longevity. Filters, IP seals, particle guards, plugs, and caps prevent debris from entering these fluid systems. The reliability of fluid systems is improved and maintenance requirements reduced by preventing fouling or contamination of liquid systems.

Vehicles like cars and commercial trucks create their own tough environments by kicking up mud, road sand and salt. Controlling the trajectory of road debris and environmental contaminants helps extend vehicle undercarriage and cabin lifetime.

  • Input/Output Cables & Charger Ports
  • IP Seals
  • Mud Flaps & Mud Guards
  • Particle Filters & Guards
  • Plugs & Caps

Airflow Management

Managing environmental airflow will keep systems running longer and more effectively. Route hot or exhaust air away from sensitive components and cool intake air to radiators and other operations with formed hoses, air ducts, air baffles, fan shrouds, and radiator shrouds. Filter environmental dust, debris and contaminants that can damage or foul up operating systems with custom air filters. Boyd Airflow Management solutions help extend the time between maintenance cycles, reduce warranty claims and improve operational efficiency.

  • Air Baffles
  • Air Ducts
  • Air Filters
  • Fan & Radiator Shrouds
  • Formed Hoses

Cabinets & Enclosures

Environmental Cabinets and Enclosures protect complex systems from dust and debris in a single component. By utilizing an Environmental Cabinet or Enclosure, multiple components and devices can be housed and protected by one comprehensive solution instead of requiring separate protection for each subassembly.

Boyd Cabinets and Enclosures integrate protection, sealing, and thermal management functionality into a single package, making these products an efficient solution. These integrated solutions are customized to meet specific IP ratings, mounting, NVH, & shock requirements, or other environmental exposure conditions. Accommodating assembly, maintenance, and operational features like sealing doors, insulating wiring and cable pass through ports as well as integrated full thermal management functionality like heat spreading, air cooling or liquid cooling, make Boyd’s Environmental Cabinets and Enclosures ideal for high performance electronics and power systems.

  • Cabinets & Enclosures

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