Boyd helps efficiently manage the energy created by and radiated from electronics and power generation - helping to protect the long term reliable performance and safety of devices. Physical movement, power conversion and transfer, device and component interaction as well as external environmental impacts like temperature and ultraviolet radiation, create energy within and around a device that interferes with reliable performance, accelerates aging and impedes operating speeds and efficiency. This ultimately shortens expected device life cycles and frustrates consumers.

Protection expertise at Boyd Corporation spans numerous forms including electromagnetic, light, electric, thermal, sound and mechanical energy. Our advanced engineers help study the impact of inefficiently or mismanaged energy, simulate potential solutions and design components that mitigate this negative energy impact. Our protection solutions commonly spread, absorb, transfer or insulate electromagnetic interference (EMI), sound waves, heat and physical movement as well as bend and reflect light energy for enhanced visuals. Some of Boyd's most common protection solutions are EMI shields, optically clear adhesives, light blocking films, EMI absorbers, electrical insulators, sound blockers, thermal insulation, heat spreaders, acoustic filtration, vibration absorption and mechanical damping.

Through efficient protection solutions, Boyd helps you prevent unintended device failure, minimize wear and tear, improve efficiency and extend the life cycles of your products – helping you maximize customer satisfaction.