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Boyd Corporation is a world leader in designing and manufacturing fully integrated sealing, protection, and thermal solutions for mobile electronics to meet ever increasing performance requirements. Our world class expertise, manufacturing, and customer support helps:

  • Reduce design cycle time with rapid prototyping capabilities
  • Reduce assembly time by combining multiple components into a single assembly for final production
  • Reduce landed costs by decreasing OEM’s managed vendor list

Boyd’s broad offering of advanced display components, such as IP seals, integrated display gaskets and multi-stacked adhesive assemblies, ensure that components like cameras, sensors, speakers, and PCBs stay sealed away from environmental hazards. With advanced rotary converting manufacturing technology in Class 100 cleanrooms, Boyd has pure operational environments to provide particulate-free components for extremely sensitive applications with high visual and aesthetic demands.

What Customers Think of Boyd in the Mobile Electronics Space

“Boyd is my best supplier” – Flextronics, global Contract Manufacturer

“Boyd can always follow our requests for samples & shipping & is one of my best suppliers.” – global Original Design & Contract Mfr

“Boyd is classified as one of our best supportive suppliers.” – global Original Design & Contract Manufacturer

“Because of full support & excellent service, Boyd is one of my best suppliers.” – global Original Design & Contract Manufacturer

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