Legacy Thermacore Datasheets

See below for legacy datasheets from Thermacore, which is now under Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation. The acquisition has enabled product line expansion and additional capabilities, so please note that our offerings still include but are not limited to what is published.

Please note that contact information contained in these documents has changed. For questions, comments, or inquiries, contact us.

k-Core® Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite (APG) and Thermal Straps
• VPX-VME Cold Plate Data Sheet
• k-Core® Data Sheet
• Thermal Straps

Heat Pipes, Loop Heat Pipes, and Vapor Chambers
• Embedded Heat Pipe Heat Sink Data Sheet
• Flexible Heat Pipe Technical Data Sheet
• Vapor Chamber Data Sheet
• Compact, High Performance Air-Cooled Heat Sinks (or MACE) Technical Data Sheet
• Thermal Ground Plane

High Temperature Heat Pipes
• Pressure Controlled Precision Furnace Heat Pipe
• High Temperature Heat Pipe Data Sheet
• Isothermal Furnace Liner Data Sheet
• Isothermal Processing Vessels Data Sheet

Liquid Cooled Cold Plates and Liquid Cooling Systems
• Liquid Cooled Cold Plates
• Therma-Cube Data Sheet
• Intelligent Thermal Management System
• Ruggedized Liquid Cooling Unit

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