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Discussion of Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is caused by undesirable radiated electromagnetic fields, or conducted voltages or current from an external source, which interferes with the safe and stable operations of an electronic device. This interference can come from any artificial or natural object that carries rapidly changing electrical currents. This disturbance or interference may interrupt, obstruct, limit or degrade effective electronic device performance. These effects can range from simple performance degradation to a total loss of data or, at worst, device failure.

To avoid these potential performance issues, electronic device design commonly incorporates several materials that promote stable performance in the presence of EMI. Solutions can come from specific design choices intended to minimize the impact of EMI or last minute “fix it” EMI materials that can address EMI performance concerns without making device design changes.

Boyd’s discussion of EMI will include various EMI causes, design and material solutions as well as a host of diverse device and end market application examples.

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