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A more intelligent CFD Software

The complexity of necessary thermal solutions has surpassed the capability of current modeling software to accurately predict performance. Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation has developed Aavid SmartCFD to bridge the gap between theoretical and real world thermal performance utilizing our experience as the world leader in thermal solution design and manufacture.

Aavid has leveraged decades worth of performance data and testing to develop this unique software for improved design and CFD simulation of thermal solutions. Aavid SmartCFD enables shorter design cycles, reduced overall design time and costs, and increased accuracy for complex assemblies and components.

Aavid SmartCFD is available in downloadable and cloud based versions.

Why Aavid SmartCFD

smarter simulations

  • - Utilize Smart Objects developed from years of empirical test data
  • - Build models that more accurately represent real-world behavior
  • - Run simulations that will match prototype performance

rapid results

  • - Spend time on product design not thermal models
  • - Accelerate your design schedule with the System Solver for concept development and assessment
  • - Reduce the number of simulations and prototypes with more accurate modeling

Cutting Costs

  • - Spend less on expensive prototype costs and engineering time
  • - Experience less in-field failures and RMAs with more accurate designs
  • - Decrease time to market and beat the competition

Smart Objects

Design with confidence knowing that real world components will behave as simulated.

Intuitive User Experience

Manipulate models easily utilizing relative positioning systems.

Streamlined Analysis

Utilize multiple solvers for faster iterations earlier in the design cycle.

Global Parametric Settings

Make changes to assemblies and multiple components in fewer clicks.