e-Mobility Overview

Boyd has longstanding partnerships with the leaders in the electric and autonomous vehicle industries and continues to innovate alongside them. For years, Boyd has offered world class thermal management solutions, bonding and adhesive systems, automotive gaskets and seals, shock absorption and EMI & RFI shielding as the preferred supplier for autonomous and electric vehicle (AV/EV) customers.

Automotive Telematics & Infotainment Solutions

As automotive telematics and infotainment converge, apply Boyd’s electronic leadership to bring the reliability and the highest quality that consumers demand to your HMI and infotainment systems. Boyd can help bring value and precision to your project whether it is graphite heat spreaders, vapor chambers, battery thermal management, EMI/RFI Shielding, automotive O-rings, or custom optical and display films. We can help design your customized solution and bring it to life. Boyd is the global leader in highly engineered thermal management, protection and sealing solutions used in the electrification of autonomous and electric vehicles today.

Thermal Solutions for Electrified & Autonomous Vehicles

Boyd's Thermal Division, Aavid, has been among the first to design and manufacture cooling solutions for electric vehicle batteries and has refined the design and manufacture of thermal management solutions for automotive telematics, onboard data management systems, cameras, and head-up displays (HUD). Boyd’s thermal solutions can be applied to LiDAR, DC-to-DC converters, inverters, CPU and GPU thermal management for autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and hybrid vehicles. Densified SOLIMIDE® foam can also be used for acoustic and thermal shielding. Boyd provides the thermal solutions behind the world's leading autonomous vehicles on the road today.

Precision Converting Solutions for E-Mobility

Boyd's global expertise as a precision converter and die cut fabricator brings the production of automotive parts with the highest tolerances to our most demanding customers. Our products span from automotive gaskets and seals, attachment systems, EMI/RFI shielding and absorbers, electrical insulation, electrical conduction, thermal insulation, acoustic NVH for electric and hybrid vehicles, thermal conduction, cushioning, shock absorption, vibration damping, lens protection for cameras and driver monitoring, complex adhesive laminations, optical films, graphic overlays, labels and electromechanical subassemblies. We can help with issues related to LED lighting, battery gaskets, protection for cameras and sensors, and other challenges with bringing the latest technology to the road. Our engineers can help reduce your part count with converted materials to reduce cost and complexity.

Our Quality & Processing for E-Mobility

Boyd’s automotive production facilities are certified to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 specifications – ensuring the highest levels of quality management. Boyd can provide part traceability information in-line with the demanding standards for the world’s leading automotive OEM’s.

With multiple facilities strategically located around the world (North America, Europe and Asia), Boyd is uniquely positioned to support your automotive and e-mobility needs. No matter where you are designing or development your products around the world, we are there to support you. Offering design assistance, clean room precision converting, immediate customer service, local warehousing, just-in-time delivery and logistic services efficiently and in close proximity to your R&D and production location.

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