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Enterprise Electronics Solutions

Enterprise computing is becoming increasingly intrinsic to how businesses operate and to consumers’ daily lives. Enterprise is how we store, process, and share vast amounts of information and power modern society. Boyd provides solutions for all aspects of enterprise systems from integrated facility-level cooling systems down to cable organization, labeling, and card ejectors. Boyd engineers are consistently focused on developing sealing, thermal, and protection solutions for increased reliability, availability, and accessibility.

Sealing Solutions for Enterprise Electronics

Sealing is especially important for liquid cooled facilities and systems. As such, Boyd’s sealing and thermal products complement each other as part of a complete, effective solution for improved system performance. Boyd gaskets, O-Rings, seals, and hoses better ensure the safety and efficiency of enterprise applications. Additionally, Boyd air ducting and air flow management solutions such as baffles can also be used to improve the effectiveness of traditional air cooled systems.

Protection & Organization Solutions for Enterprise Electronics

Environmental protection, especially against dust and water ingress, is a critical need and constant challenge for enterprise systems. Boyd air filters and finger guards protect sensitive components from particle and dust build up that hinders performance and may cause failures. In addition to environmental contaminants, noise, vibration, and EMI/RFI can compromise reliability and system integrity. Boyd’s comprehensive solution portfolio includes advanced NVH damping, EMI and RFI shielding and absorption, and electrical insulation.

Enterprise computing systems involve a surplus of small, similar components that if confused or misplaced could cause major issues to functionality and performance. Boyd’s graphic overlays, cable management solutions, and serialized identification labels aid in the organization of any size facility from world class hyperscale computing centers to smaller edge computing sites. Graphic overlays designed and printed on UL-rated electrically-insulating raw materials aid in UL testing, approval, and traceability. Improve traceability of your hardware by manufacturing and assembling your hardware with Boyd labels. Increase the organization of Input/output network cables, wires, and hoses for liquid cooling systems with Boyd’s comprehensive cable management systems.

Thermal Management Solutions for Enterprise Electronics

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation, engineers and manufactures cooling solutions for every aspect of Enterprise Computing from chips and blades to the facility level. This includes high-performance air-cooled systems and liquid cooling for devices such as CPU and GPU Microprocessors, DIMM cards, and other blade ASICs.

For greater cooling efficiency in more compact form factors, Aavid also provides integrated solutions that include multiple technologies including phase change technologies such as embedded heat pipes and vapor chambers. Through the development and integration of both optimized traditional cooling techniques and bleeding-edge thermal management technology, Aavid leads the industry in high efficiency, high heat density cooling. From low vibration, quieter blowers to hot swappable, highly reliable cold plates, Aavid offers system cooling that supports every aspect of the Enterprise Electronics industry as it continues to grow.

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