Wear & Surface Protection

Reduce wear and tear on surfaces and protect users from sharp edges

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Products are used in tough environments, like abrasive and high friction conditions, and consumers expect their products to work hard and last long. Frequent, repeat use actions, and repetitive motion products quickly show wear and look aged. Sharp or slippery metal surfaces can be dangerous to users. Wear & Interior Protection solutions from Boyd protect high-contact surfaces from excessive wear, like pedals, floors, corners, buttons, and keypads. We’re experts in selecting the right material and configuring an efficient, optimal design to increase product lifetimes, enhance consumer safety, improve consumer satisfaction, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Surface seals are ideal to help ruggedize equipment and surfaces that are exposed to high amounts of touch or wear and tear. Installing optimized surface seals and protective solutions helps you extend equipment lifetimes and reduce warranty claims. Using both molded and precision converting manufacturing processes featuring highly specialized raw materials, Boyd helps you protect high touch and high wear surfaces.

Converted Felt Absorber and Surface Protection Solution

Wear & Surface Protection Solutions:

Commercial Vehicle Step Tread and Floor mats to prevent wear from dirt and use and absorb external vibrations and noise

Floor Mats & Step Tread

Reduce cabin and step wear by protecting high traffic surfaces from excessive exposure to mud, debris, moisture and foot traffic, enhance consumer safety with non-slip surfaces.

Molded Rubber Bellows for Shifter Boot

Bellows & Handle Boots

Protect mechanical joints from debris that accelerates wear and aging with Bellows and Boots that seal out moisture, dust, and other contaminants.

Molded Rubber Keypad Cover

Button & Keypad Covers

Extend the lifetime of button and keypad user inputs by sealing out liquid and dust.

Molded Rubber Corner Cap for Surface Protection

Corner Caps & Bumpers

Reduce wear and improve safety of projecting surfaces and corners with protective caps and bumpers.

Molded Plastic Grips and Knobs for handles and shifters

Corner Caps & Bumpers

Improve cabin comfort with molded products that increase ergonomics and operator quality of life like grips, knobs, and cup holders.

Finishing Trim & Side Molding

Protect edges and seams from external wear, contamination, and light impact.


Converted Multi-Layered Paint Indicator Industrial Surface Protection Adhesives

Industrial Surface Protection

Apply temporary surface protection for expensive components during harsh industrial processes, assembly, packaging and logistics.

Molded Rubber Parking Pedal Wear Protection

Pedal Pads

Ensure dependable grip with rugged and replaceable pads for high wear surfaces.

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