Heat Shields


Extend Product Lifetimes

Protect surfaces, plastics, and electronics from overheating to improve product reliability and overall lifetime


Reduce Operation & Maintenance Costs

Extend component lifetimes for reduced replacement costs and minimize warranty claims

Increase Safety

Incombustible, Fire Resistant, and Tear/Puncture Resistant options ensure consumer safety in emergencies


Improve User Comfort

Manage environmental and touch temperatures with appropriate heat shielding


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Our customers continue to improve the power and performance of products which in turn generate more heat. This waste added heat can become detrimental to safety and efficiency for critical systems and consumer-facing products.

Heat Shields are ideal for resisting radiant heat from transferring from hot components to sensitive surfaces, devices, and systems. These light, low profile, and flexible solutions are ideal for lightweighting in minimal to zero clearance areas. Heat Shields can benefit from additional heat spreading and mechanical strength with the addition of reinforcement materials like woven fiberglass.

Heat shields provide multiple options when it comes to material selection, geometry, and assembly. Heat Shielding can address a wide range of application and environmental requirements like:

  • UV resistance
  • Incombustible or Fire Resistance
  • Tear & Puncture Resistance
  • Cleanability
  • Vapor & Fluid Blocking
  • Moisture, Corrosion, & Solvent Resistance
  • Surface Materials & Finishes

Boyd’s engineering and material experts collaborate with you to design the an optimal solution using our industry-leading precision converting capabilities to create heat shielding solutions for your application — often combining the performance benefits of multiple materials into one easy-to-install deliverable. By utilizing the right heat shield, customers you can reduce costs and assembly complexity while improving the overall safety, lifetime, and reliability of their your products.

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Product Details

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Heat Shield Materials

  • Propylene Film Facing
  • Non-Woven Polyester Fabric
  • Vacuum Metalized Polyester Film
  • Vacuum Metalized Polyester Film
  • Reinforcement:
  • Woven Fiberglass Scrim
  • Flourocarbon Impregnated Fiberglass Fabric
  • High Temperature Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Fabric
  • Integrated Adhesive Options:
  • Thermosetting Adhesive Bonding Polyester Film (Fire Retardant & Incombustible options)
  • Note: Multi-ply heat shields are bonded together with high temperature adhesives

Heat Shield Solutions

  • Increase performance with the additional surface area of corrugated textures
  • Improve lightweighting efforts to improve overall efficiency
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs by protecting painted surfaces, plastic components, and electronics from overheating
  • Extend product lifetimes or time between maintenance with added weather and environmental resistance
  • Combined with thermal insulation for comprehensive heat blocking solutions
  • Extend the functionality of heat shields with acoustic insulation
  • Adhesive backed heat barriers with extended liners and peel tabs reduce assembly time and production costs

Key Industries

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  • Gas Tank
  • Exhaust Pipe Shielding & Exhaust Wraps
  • Wire Sleeving
  • Hose Sleeving
  • Engine Heat Shielding
  • Battery Heat Shields
  • Flex Duct Liners
  • Muffler & Catalytic Converter Heat Shield
  • Firewalls, Bulkheads, & Engine Compartments
  • Hood, & Door Heat Shielding
  • Seat Bottoms
  • Insulation Facings
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  • HVAC Systems
  • Intake and Exhaust Tubing
  • Temperature Control for Chemical Processing
  • Refrigeration Liners & Systems
  • Freeze Protection Blanketing for Flanges, Valves, Pumps, and Instrumentation
  • Welding Curtains
  • Safety Clothing
  • Equipment Covers
  • Expansion Joints
  • Radiation Shields
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    Commercial Vehicle

  • Gas Tank
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Wire Sleeving
  • Hose Sleeving
  • Engine heat shielding
  • Firewall, Hood, & Door Heat Shielding
  • Seat Bottoms
  • Flex Duct Liners
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