Heat Shields

Protect sensitive components from high heat loads by reflecting away heat.

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Heat Shields

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Our customers continue to improve the power and performance of products which in turn generate more heat. This waste added heat can become detrimental to safety and efficiency for critical systems and consumer-facing products.

Heat Shields are ideal for resisting radiant heat from transferring from hot components to sensitive surfaces, devices, and systems. These light, low profile, and flexible solutions are ideal for lightweighting in minimal to zero clearance areas. Heat Shields can benefit from additional heat spreading and mechanical strength with the addition of reinforcement materials like woven fiberglass.

Heat shields provide multiple options when it comes to material selection, geometry, and assembly. Heat Shielding can address a wide range of application and environmental requirements like:

  • UV resistance
  • Incombustible or Fire Resistance
  • Tear & Puncture Resistance
  • Cleanability
  • Vapor & Fluid Blocking
  • Moisture, Corrosion, & Solvent Resistance
  • Surface Materials & Finishes

Boyd’s engineering and material experts collaborate with you to design the an optimal solution using our industry-leading precision converting capabilities to create heat shielding solutions for your application — often combining the performance benefits of multiple materials into one easy-to-install deliverable. By utilizing the right heat shield, customers you can reduce costs and assembly complexity while improving the overall safety, lifetime, and reliability of their your products.

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