Elastomer Keypads

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Design flexibility

Available in a wide range of design possibilities with custom colors, finishes and backlighting options

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Durable Construction for Longer Product Lifetimes

With excellent weatherability in ruggedized environments, elastomer keypads are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and can endure temperatures ranging between -30° C to +80°C.

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Enhanced user interaction

Provide users with exceptional tactile response with customizable tactile feedback with elastomer keypads that can be tailored between 100g to 300g of force.

Reliable and Durable

Elastomer keypads offer a high-profile, tactile feel with an underlying switch layer. Reliable and durable, Boyd’s elastomer keypads are an excellent choice when three-dimensional keys are needed in high-moisture environments such as marine or military settings. Our dedicated engineers can provide you with keypad solutions that deliver the right look, feedback, and cost for your needs. 

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