Durable Construction for Longer Product Lifetimes

With excellent weatherability in ruggedized environments, elastomer keypads are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and can endure temperatures ranging between -30° C to +80°C.

Enhanced user interaction

Provide users with exceptional tactile response with customizable tactile feedback with elastomer keypads that can be tailored between 100g to 300g of force.


Design flexibility

Available in a wide range of design possibilities with custom colors, finishes and backlighting options


The one-piece construction of elastomer keypads streamlines tooling and construction, offering a cost-effective switch solution


Elastomer keypads offer a high-profile, tactile feel with an underlying switch layer. Reliable and durable, Boyd’s elastomer keypads are an excellent choice when three-dimensional keys are needed in high-moisture environments such as marine or military settings. Our dedicated engineers can provide you with keypad solutions that deliver the right look, feedback, and cost for your needs. 

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