Usage & Safety Information

Inform and Educate Users with on-Product Instructions and Safety Guidelines

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Inform your product users on safety information, proper usage, service instructions, and conditions of use with custom labels, overlays, indicators and diffusers.

Complex electronics feature multiple ports and openings to accept and connect to many different cables, storage devices, and input power. Identify each port with input / output graphic overlays to instruct users on proper connectivity. Protect ports against incorrect cable insertion in complex systems and devices.

B2B Enterprise Electronic systems feature many high-powered devices in a central location. 5G and Network Convergence further complicate these enterprise systems. Regular ongoing system maintenance is critical to assure reliable, maximum efficiency performance. On-product system maintenance and service instructions optimize the safety of technicians and the accuracy of work performed. Long lasting, intricate, detailed service and maintenance instruction System Information Labels printed on high durability, electrically insulating label stock are optimal to install in enterprise devices for on-demand, on-device technician management and training.

Ensure users are informed about proper usage, safety information, condition and service instruction of your products with custom labels, overlays, indicators, and diffusers.

Electronic devices feature multiple openings and ports intended to accept various cables, storage devices, input power, and connections. Instruct your consumers on each port and its functionality with input/output overlays. Protect ports against damage from incorrect cable insertion, especially in complex systems like server farms or high performance computers. Assure end consumers know which openings and ports are designed for what functionality with input/output overlays.

Network convergence in B2B Enterprise Electronics incorporates many high-powered devices in a central location that require regular and ongoing maintenance to assure reliable and maximum efficiency performance. Protect these devices from improper servicing and optimize the safety of maintenance technicians with long lasting, detailed service and maintenance instructions. System Information Labels are printed and installed inside these electronic devices for on demand, on device technician management and training.

Enforce device warranties specific to environmental exposure or functionality specifications with tamper evident labels or moisture indicators. End consumers are creative in how they use your products, how they expect your products to perform, and what they expose your products to that can impact a valid warranty claim. Boyd’s Tamper Evident Labels and Moisture Indicators help you validate warranty claims, better managing and defending warranty claim compliance. Reduce warranty claims and charges by eliminating invalid warranty claims with Tamper Evident, Security Labels and Moisture Indicators.

Branded Adhesive Regulatory Labels Group with insulating or metallic tape
Printed and Converted LED Deadfront for Indicator Lights

Graphic Overlays & LED Deadfronts

Create a finished look and identify indicator lights customized to fit specific shapes, LED layouts, and LCD screens. Help reduce LED crosstalk.


Adhesive LED Diffuser Film and Gasket

LED Diffusers & Diffuser Films

Create attractive user interfaces and indicators by pairing inexpensive LEDs with Diffusers that help soften and spread the narrow light beam.

Adhesive System Information Label with installation and maintenance instructions and diagrams for users

System Information Labels

Instruct and Inform users of critical safety and maintenance information with large printed adhesive graphics.

Converted Adhesive Regulatory Information Label

Regulatory Labels

Adhere to regulatory protocols by clearly labeling products with safety, product registration, and other regulatory and compliance details.

Printed Adhesive Tamper Evidence Indicator Label being peeled from surface

Tamper Evidence Indicators & Destructible Security Labels

Manage warranty claims and protect users with destructive labels that indicate previous tampering of devices and equipment.


Water & Moisture Indicators

Identify potential warranty voids with moisture indicators that identify improper device usage to help streamline claims and device repair processes.

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