Bringing Your Product to Life with Custom Nameplates and Branding

What is Branding?

Branding is identifying your product as yours and creating a distinct look and feel during the user experience.

Nameplates & Badging

Available in a wide variety of metals and plastics, highly durable product identification technologies are suitable for harsh environments and ideal for interior and exterior badging and logos.

Decorative Trim and Accents

Improve your product’s aesthetic with decorative trim and accents. Boyd harmonizes design intent for components or complete packages for interior or exterior formats. Achieve your product vision with our material expertise, printing techniques, and custom decorative finish options.
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One-stop Shop

A multitude of nameplate options and vertically integrated capabilities enable Boyd to incorporate custom nameplates into user interfaces, enclosures, and more.

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Improved Durability and Lifetimes

Leverage durable branding solutions from Boyd to help protect products from harsh usage conditions and environments.

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Meet or Exceed Exacting Standards

Leverage Boyds capabilities to produce branding, signage, or decals that meet stringent requirements for automotive, aerospace or consumer applications.

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Differentiate Your Product

Stand out from the competition with quality consistent, exacting parts for distinct, stand-out product identification that meet your product vision.

 Custom badging for Fujifilm SonoSite
Custom nameplate and badging

Custom Nameplates

Boyd’s exceptional design support, color-matching, and fabrication methods bring custom product nameplates or badging to life, visually representing your brand in a way that differentiates your company and products. Every custom-made nameplate meets each customer’s specific needs and is adapted to withstand their unique environments. Leverage our wide range of capabilities to design, manufacture, and customize nameplates and badging.

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Aluminum Nameplate Finishes and Textures

Aluminum nameplates are one of the most popular nameplate choices because they offer limitless options.  Aluminum nameplates incorporate embossing, die-cut shapes, screen or digital printing, and infinite custom textures and finishes. Visit the gallery to get texture and finish ideas for your next aluminum nameplate.

Electroform Nameplate Finishes and Textures

Electroform nameplates feature crisp edges, fine detail and deep relief used with or without colored inks. With nearly endless texture and finishing options, 2D and 3D electroform nameplates are a premier nameplate option for high-end branding. Scroll through the gallery to see just a few of the many 2D and 3D electroform nameplate finishes available.

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