Closed Cell Foams

Closed cell foams feature a non-interconnecting cellular structure ideal for applications requiring liquid absorption resistance, waterproofing, buoyancy, mechanical shock absorption, thermal and acoustic insulation, cushioning, high compression set resistance, and durability.

Open Cell Foams

Open cell foams feature an interconnecting cellular structure ideal for applications requiring air or liquid filtration, acoustic filtration or damping, liquid absorption, low density, low weight, and high compressibility.

Closed Cell and Open Cell Foam Options

We maintain an immense array of closed cell and open cell foam options with varying performance characteristics to meet the needs of a wide range of temperature and environmental exposure applications. Need a waterproof acoustic insulator? No problem. A flame retardant, environmentally friendly thermal insulator flexible at cryogenic temperatures? Also no problem. Our vast material selection expertise combined with advanced precision converting technologies enables Boyd to provide the optimal foam for desired compression force deflection combined with additional materials like pressure-sensitive adhesives and plastic films for a fully customized, complete sealing solution.

Solving Problems for Customers

Foam is such an integral part of how Boyd solves problems for customers, we even have our own non-flammable, lightweight, high performance polyimide foam material, called SOLIMIDE® Foams, ideal for acoustic and thermal insulation applications. Our foam solutions reduce your total cost of ownership by solving technical challenges in a streamlined solution for easy assembly and installation.

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Optimal Foam for Your Application

Boyd has strategic supply partnerships with the world’s greatest innovators in foam technology with some relationships spanning seven decades. Our global footprint provides access to some of the most exciting technology leaders with regional development. We are engineered material experts – able to match your performance needs to the inherent material characteristics of thousands of foam options in the market today with the design expertise to customize the utilization of the optimal foam for your application through design for manufacturing. And because our manufacturing technologies are globally replicated and scalable, we can support your sealing, cushioning and energy management needs using foam from three continents.

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