Silicone Tubes


Increased Device Lifetimes

Boyd’s high quality silicone tubes feature high durability, biocompatibility, contamination resistance, and sterilizability to help increase the longevity of your medical device.


Certifications Available

Get your medical devices approved faster with silicone tubes that can meet USP VI, ISO 10933, FDA §177.2600 qualifications and can conform to REACH, RoHS, and other standards.


Extensive Customization

Completely customize the length, color, diameter, wall thickness, durometer, translucency, branding, and packaging of Boyd’s silicone tubes to match your specific product and brand.

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Certified Respiratory Tubes

Silicone tubes act as suction, irrigation, and drainage tubes for the transport of blood (up to 29 days), body fluids, and body-compatible fluids into and out of the human body, with optional connection to suction and irrigation devices. Tubes can be manufactured with integrated connections for suction and flushing devices. Typical applications include operating theaters, anesthesia, intensive care, and the treatment of medical emergencies.

Boyd has decades of experience in the development, design, and manufacture of silicone extruded products and molded components. We have extensive experience in medical technology and produce a large portfolio of silicone medical parts. This includes suction tubes, irrigation tubes, drainage tubes, and more.

We offer silicone tubes to distributors, purchasing associations, and tradesmen. We cooperate with manufacturers of suction devices, rinsing devices, and finished drainage tube sets. 

Our silicone hoses meet all biocompatibility requirements in typical applications. Hoses include an instruction manual including detailed, validated preparation instructions. Tubes must be cleaned in an RDG and steam sterilized (134°C) before use. Silicone’s excellent material resistance guarantees preparation flexibility. Other common sterilization methods such as heat, EO-gas, or gamma sterilization are also possible.

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