Mechanical Attachment Systems

Material Solutions for Joining Surfaces

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Boyd Corporation has more than 7 decades of experience in selecting and procuring optimal Mechanical Attachment Systems. Our material science expertise and long-standing strategic supply partnerships, with the world’s leading attachment material suppliers, enable us to help you incorporate these materials efficiently and effectively into product designs. Whether it be permanent, adjustable or reusable mechanical attachment bonds, our design and field application engineering experts help you select the best raw material for your desired functionality, optimally configured for scaled mass production.

Boyd helps you select from permanent mechanical bonds like single and two part epoxies that offer additional performance characteristics like higher thermal conductivity or electrical isolation, or reclosable hook and loop fasteners for quick, easy and reliable attachments that can be adjusted and reused over many fastening cycles. The result is attachment systems optimized for your performance demands and use environment, specifically configured for your custom application, designed for manufacturing and scalable mass production.

Hook and Loop Fastener tapes on spools

Mechanical Attachment System Solutions:

Reclosable Fastener Hook and Loop Tape

Reclosable Fasteners

Assemble or install components efficiently and reliably with adjustable and reusable attachment systems.


Bond surfaces mechanically and thermally with Boyd’s one and two part epoxy systems.


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