Metal Fabrication

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Boyd is on the leading edge of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing for designing, rapid prototyping, and producing complex, metal-based solutions such as heat pipes, vapor chambers, liquid cold plates, heat exchangers, and heat sinks in unique geometries that are difficult to produce with traditional manufacturing methods.


Boyd’s high speed CNC machining enables us to fabricate detailed and customized geometries to meet your exacting application requirements including milling, flycutting, skiving, and friction stir welding (FSW) for products such as liquid cold plates and heat sinks.

Brazing & Soldering

To integrate components into multifunctional and complex assemblies, Boyd employs in-house brazing and soldering capabilities such as vacuum brazing, salt bath dip brazing, controlled atmosphere brazing, and solder ovens to fabricate complete solutions.


For more complex geometries, our certified welders are experienced in fabricating structural and thermal assemblies for a broad range of industries, including aerospace and defense applications.

Die Casting

In-house aluminum die casting enables Boyd to create structural and thermal management castings for small to large scale components with complex geometries in high volumes.


Stamping produces complex geometries from sheet metal for enclosures or additional surface area for heat dissipation. In-house progressive stampings fabricate board level device heat sinks and zipper fin stacks for heat sink assemblies.


Secondary processes such as metal finishing like anodizing, painting, and chromating protect metals from corrosive environments and improve thermal performance with increased thermal radiation.

Additive and Subtractive Capabilities for Complex Geometries

At Boyd, we complement our polymer forming and precision converting with metal fabrication capabilities to develop comprehensive sealing, thermal, and protection solutions. Boyd has a long history in innovative metal science solutions, including the development and commercialization of two-phase cooling technologies such as Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers and complex Heat Pipe assemblies. 

Custom Metal Solution Design

Boyd utilizes our metal and material science expertise to design and manufacture advanced cooling systems such as heat exchangers, recirculating chillers, aluminum-die cast enclosures, and encapsulated graphite enclosures, chassis, and thermal straps. Our broad array of metal fabrication technologies enable us to prototype and manufacture complex, multifunctional metal assemblies to meet your demanding application requirements.

Boyd’s approach to custom metal solution design begins with working to understand our customers’ performance needs, challenges, dimensional constraints, and other requirements and aligning these needs with manufacturable and scalable solutions. Boyd hosts a global team of over 300 engineers that work closely with our customers to design optimized solutions and streamline production methods. Our engineers span a diverse range of fields including thermal, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and chemical engineering.

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CNC Machined Metal Plates

Dedicated to Ensuring the Quality of our Metal Science Solutions

As with all our products, Boyd is dedicated to ensuring the quality of our metal science solutions. Quality management systems span ISO9001 to AS9100, TS16949 and ISO13485 as well as environmental management systems certified to ISO14001. Solutions also go through rigorous testing and validation for performance assurance to confirm that our solutions meet or exceed your requirements with fully equipped quality laboratories, externally certified G, D&T quality technicians and various tools for process qualification like CPK analysis, FAI submittal, customer/product specific traceability, Gage R&R study/analysis and MiniTab software.

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