ISO 14001: Mitigating Boyd’s Environmental Impact

Boyd Corporation implements ISO 14001 practices at several locations to both take care of our environment and reduce our environmental footprint and negative impact. The Core of the ISO 14001 certification is developing and implementing a robust Environmental Management System (EMS). By implementing a data driven approach to planning, evidence-based decision making, and fostering a culture of continual improvement, Boyd is proud to take ownership and responsibility for our part in sustainability and environmental care.

As part of our ISO 14001 Certification, Boyd’s Environmental Management System helps us first plan and identify potential internal and external issues that could negatively affect our environment. We assess risks and opportunities within our processes and then clearly define our environmental objectives based on those assessments. In this planning process, we also identify potential emergency situations and prepare action plans so we can respond quickly if the need arises. From there, we can communicate our expectations, define the scope of our Environmental Policy, and assign roles to our team members to appropriately commit to improving our environmental impact.

Boyd has implemented these clearly defined environmental objectives as part of our ISO14001 Certification. We promote competence and awareness of these process within our facilities through effective communication. We also ensure consistent and repeatable adherence to our Environmental policy by documenting and maintaining critical process information.

Our EMS guides us towards effective monitoring and measurement of our processes so we can adequately strive towards continuous improvement. By refining our internal practices, we can conserve energy and reduce the quantity of input materials material waste. This systematically reduces our environmental impact, which also leads to a reduction of operating costs, helping Boyd continue to provide a reduced total cost of ownership to our customers.

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