AS9100: Aerospace Quality and Excellence

Boyd Corporation maintains AS9100 certifications across several of our manufacturing facilities to assure our quality management system requirements exceed the challenges presented by customers within the aviation, space and defense markets. AS9100 certified quality management systems guide our product design, development, and manufacturing of high quality, reliable, and safe products for aerospace and defense applications.

AS9100 was prepared with assistance of representatives from global aviation, space and defense companies and the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), building on ISO 9001 quality management systems. The certification facilitates additional risk-based considerations, ensuring that risk is considered throughout full product lifecycle. Project management, configuration management, and control of work transfers are also additional features. This incremental focus places additional inspection and controls around product safety, management of counterfeit parts, ethical behavior and other factors, assuring that aerospace and defense components are managed under a robust quality management system that best supports the high quality, reliability, and safety needs of these applications.

By implementing AS9100’s specific quality management system features, Boyd demonstrates the ability to adhere to the distinct needs and quality standards of our aviation, space, and defense customers.

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