Infineon Technologies and Boyd Corporation

Infineon Technologies has partnered with Boyd Corporation to develop improved systems and solutions for cooling electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EV). Production and consumer adoption of these vehicles are expected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years as the need for cleaner, more compact, less expensive transportation increases to meet environmental standards.

In addition to new power and energy requirements, customer demands also require greater connectivity and more powerful internal electronics and vehicle operating systems. The growing need for new technologies and better performing electronics ultimately results in an excess of heat. Without proper thermal management, the reliability and lifetime of electronics necessary to keep these vehicles running safely is significantly impaired to the point of device and system failure.

The partnership between Infineon and Boyd enables our teams to jointly design and produce fully optimized, highly effective cooling solutions for Infineon’s high performance electronics for eMobility and Hybrids.

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The HybridKIT™ DSC

Additionally, Boyd is proud to help introduce the HybridKIT™ DSC, an all in one test kit ideal for research and development and initial prototyping. Due to high heat loads, sufficient cooling is necessary even for initial testing. The HybridKIT™ DSC includes 3 HybridPACK™ DSC power semiconductor modules, gate driver and logic board, DC-link capacitor, and an Boyd DSC liquid cold plate designed specifically for this kit to fully represent the specifications and requirements for faster prototype to production and scalable higher volume manufacturing.

What’s Next?

You have done your research and started running tests with the Infineon HybridPACK™ and HybridKIT™, what is the next step? Boyd is ready to work with your team to modify and design optimized DSC liquid cold plates for prototypes designed specifically for your system and ready for scalable manufacture. Boyd utilizes a number of manufacturing capabilities, including controlled atmospheric brazing (CAB), to hasten the cycle from prototype to high volume production of cost-effective, lightweight, high performance solutions ideal for electric and hybrid vehicles. Boyd can provide you with liquid cold plates, but can reduce landed costs by providing seals, gaskets, O-rings, custom moldings, and hoses to provide a more complete solution.  Still not sure about your next steps? Contact our design engineers for a free consultation on next steps.

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