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In order to continue serving customers and keep our team as healthy as possible during this time, Boyd is implementing operational changes on a local level.

Boyd Corporation’s primary goal is to keep our employees and their communities safe during the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak. Our secondary goal is to maintain critical supply continuity for our customers. We will continue to take all appropriate and reasonable measures to attempt to mitigate any potential impact to customers, commit to communicate updates as they develop, and resume and sustain production as quickly as possible.

Boyd has appointed a global task force and dedicated COVID-19 management committee to oversee prevention systems, control procedures and rapid recovery across our global organization. Boyd’s executive management team is briefed daily by this committee and will continue to provide full priority support for these efforts.

We are tracking classification of “essential business” as defined by various regional and national policies to assure we continue to support and meet critical infrastructure needs. In the event a Boyd location is impacted by regional COVID regulation and meets the definition of an essential business, we will scale operations to conform to regulations while still delivering critical infrastructure components.

To help reduce impact to our team and customer supply chains, we proactively instituted a non-essential travel ban and remote work policy for Boyd employees as well as on-site policies and safety procedures for prevention and containment systems.

Boyd Corporation was impacted early by this virus, operating four manufacturing facilities in China. We have tested prevention, containment, and recovery procedures that proved successful as all Boyd China operations returned to 100% capacity production swiftly with minimal impact to the ongoing supply of goods. We’ve implemented these learned policies and procedures to reduce viral transmission and maximize supply continuity in Boyd’s global facilities.

In the event supply is constrained, we will make all reasonable efforts to resume full capacity production as quickly as possible.

Your Boyd Sales Representative will provide more specific information on your direct impact if any.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Last Updated: May 4, 2020

All Boyd production facilities are operational with available capacity excluding

Certain production facilities may experience limited capacity due to a number of reasons including unavailability of input raw materials from downstream supply partners, constrained labor and workforce, or regionally mandated operating hours. The below facilities are currently operational at limited capacity:



 Estimated Full Capacity Date



 May 18th

Some production facilities may be required to close due to local regulations and policies in response to viral suppression measures. The below facilities are currently closed:



 Closure Start Date

 Tentative Reopening Date



 March 23rd

 May 18th

Your Boyd Sales Representative will provide updated delivery schedules in the near future if you are impacted. Many of our sites and operations include redundancies for contingency planning. We will work emergency contingency plans with you if this becomes necessary.

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