Boyd to Demonstrate and Discuss Industry Leading SOLIMIDE® Foam

MODESTO, CA – March 8, 2017 - Boyd Corporation, a global provider of precision-engineered, specialty material-based energy management and sealing solutions, today announced that it will demonstrate and discuss SOLIMIDE® foam as well as other innovative products at booth 1C60 in Hall B1 of the Aircraft Interiors Expo. The trade show is the world’s largest aircraft interiors event and will be held in Hamburg, Germany from April 4th-6th.

The company’s flagship aerospace product, SOLIMIDE® foam, was developed with U.S. government agency, NASA, to provide fire resistance and lightweight insulation for the Apollo spacecraft and is now widely used in private, commercial, and military aircraft. In addition to fire resistance and lightweight qualities, the insulating foam is non-toxic, heat and pressure formable, flexible and stable even at cryogenic temperatures, emits very little smoke when exposed to flame, has low off-gassing with no formaldehyde, outstanding thermal and acoustic qualities, hydrolytic stability, and does not support microbial growth. Lastly, unlike fiberglass products, the foam does not emit particles into the passenger cabin air supply.

This advanced insulation technology provides enhanced passenger safety, improved fuel efficiency, increased aircraft availability, greater acoustic comfort, and easier installation and maintenance. The performance enhancements result in a lower total cost of ownership for aircraft OEMs, passenger and cargo airline organizations, and maintenance, repair and overhaul service providers. Boyd Corporation staff will be available to discuss this value in comparison to market alternatives.

“We look forward to meeting with aircraft OEMs and their partners to discuss not only our current solutions but our new and innovative SOLIMIDE® foam capabilities for weight savings, improved acoustics, reduced labor costs, and cabin temperature management,” said Richard Hartman, Vice President of Sales. Boyd Corporation offers many additional highly-engineered, specialty material-based solutions for aircraft aerostructures, environmental systems, interiors, avionics equipment, and in-flight entertainment systems.

About Boyd Corporation

Boyd Corporation is a global provider of precision-engineered, specialty material-based energy management and sealing solutions with specific expertise in engineering and design, manufacturing and supply chain management. The company operates in markets around the world and serves customers in electronics, mobile computing, medical technology, transportation, aerospace and other B2B and consumer-critical industries. For nearly 100 years, the Boyd brand has represented stability, adaptability and vision along with employing the most experienced team in the industry.

Boyd Corporation offers a family of high performance polyimide open-cell insulation foams with lightweight, thermal and acoustic properties. The product line, often used in aircraft, spacecraft, railcars, marine vessels and other applications, offers four variations to accommodate different temperature and environment needs.

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