Boyd Supports the Delivery of 28,000 Face Shields to Massachusetts

Boyd adjusting production lines to manufacture critically needed disposable PPE to support frontline healthcare providers in Massachusetts

Woburn, MA – May 29, 2020 – Boyd Corporation, a global leader in engineered materials and thermal management solutions, announced the continued joint effort with The Coca-Cola Company and Makers, a project of RESOLVE, to deliver critically needed medical face shields for healthcare workers battling the coronavirus pandemic in Massachusetts. Boyd Corporation is a name that carries nearly a century of commitment to technological evolution and responsiveness to customer needs – pivoting to help support global communities in response to urgent supply needs for medical professionals.

“Having a manufacturing facility and over 250 team members in Woburn, MA that were directly affected by COVID-19, this local donation really hits home for Boyd. We’re proud to partner with The Coca-Cola Company and Makers Respond to help solve PPE supply constraints and continuity. We are honored and humbled to support frontline healthcare workers in Massachusetts,” said Boyd CEO Doug Britt. “Boyd has made face shields for medical applications for over a decade and we have the operational infrastructure to quickly make high volumes of this PPE. It is our duty to create capacity for critically needed protective solutions. It is our honor to give back to those who’ve cared for and protected our impacted employees in Massachusetts.”

Boyd modified production lines, tooling and material supplies at its manufacturing facilities to create local supply agility for the innovative Origami Face Shield, a design that is cost efficient to enable single, disposable use and offers enhanced protection and performance for healthcare providers. To help accelerate face shield availability and shortened replenishment cycles on a constrained supply chain, Boyd manufactured the face shields from its facilities in Tennessee and Michigan, donating tooling costs, machine time, and engineering development to optimize manufacturing speed, in collaboration with Makers Respond, a non-profit NGO focused on identifying alternative sources of PPE during this pandemic, and featuring PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) donated by The Coca-Cola Company.

“Makers Respond, a project of RESOLVE, is proud to jump in to help by bringing together Coca-Cola and Boyd Corporation to design, manufacture, and then donate these face shields,” said Adam Istvan, Director of Operations at Makers Respond.

Boyd is a long-term solutions provider to the medical industry with five sites on three continents certified to ISO 13485 medical industry quality management systems. Early manufacturing modifications at Boyd’s site in Tennessee and Michigan are a model to quickly adapt additional global Boyd operations to scale capacity to create 6.4 million disposable face shields per week, thus far supporting in the donation of nearly 200,000 face shields. With close global coordination, Boyd can enable PPE supply availability for local consumption in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific where acute and clinical care providers need agile, local supply. Boyd’s Precision converting facilities with similar production technology across the United States, China, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Germany will be available to provide global face shield capacity.

Boyd’s facility in Woburn, Massachusetts is part of its specialty thermal division, Aavid, and an industry leader in designing and manufacturing thermal management solutions like cold plates, heat exchangers and full liquid systems for Aerospace, Industrial and Medical markets. Thermal solutions from the site in Woburn have helped support medical equipment supply continuity being an enabling input technology for ventilators, respirators, x-ray machines and other critically needed equipment that helps diagnose and treat patients with COVID-19.

Watch Boyd’s Face Shields being manufactured here: Face Shields Video.

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