Boyd Corp’s thermal division, Aavid, Introduces Revolutionary Online Thermal Design Tool

Aavid Genie Will Change How engineers Approach Electronics Cooling

Pleasanton, CaliforniaAavid, Boyd Corporation’s thermal product division, announced the launch of the Aavid Genie, a new web application that allows engineers, including those with limited thermal management experience, to design effective, manufacturable heat sinks in minutes. The online design tool is a virtual thermal engineer, enabling users to build cooling solutions within specific requirements, run thermal simulations and model heat sink performance within devices.

Thermal management is one of today’s most critical and complex product design elements, with performance requirements increasing daily and most design teams lacking dedicated thermal engineers. This forces engineers to outsource thermal design or license expensive thermal modeling software, threatening design schedules, driving delays and increasing development costs. Aavid Genie is an easy-to-use, pay-per-simulation, online thermal modeling application that can be used as often as needed. Users receive reports, drawings and models on demand and can request production or prototype quotes directly from Aavid, all at a fraction of the current time and cost. Aavid Engineers are also available on demand for further design assessment and to recommend enhancements. Aavid Genie makes thermal simulation easily available to students, startups and large corporations lacking hefty thermal design budgets.

“Aavid Genie is the most effective, real-time thermal design tool released to the engineering community. After years of development, we’re excited to present a product design toolset that simplifies a highly complex engineering challenge while accelerating design velocities and controlling costs. We look to substantially improve engineers’ abilities to design more thermally efficient solutions for their respective products with this revolutionary design tool,” said Damian Wellesley-Winter, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing at Boyd.

Register for Aavid Genie for free at and receive 3 free credits, equal to 3 thermal simulations.

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