Boyd Deepens Global Leadership in Precision Converting
PLEASANTON, California – February 26, 2018 - Boyd Corporation, a global leader in thermal management and environmental sealing solutions, announced today the acquisition of Action Fabricators. The new acquisition will operate as a division of Boyd Corporation – a name that carries almost 100 years of tradition and vision committed to responsiveness to customer needs and technological evolution.

With operations in Michigan, Tennessee and Texas, this strategically important acquisition further entrenches Boyd’s market-leading position in materials science-based customer solutions and bolsters its market presence in passenger automotive, telematics and medical.

"Action is a perfect match to Boyd’s core. The business is highly complementary to our manufacturing competencies, customers, regions, markets, values and approach to business. We’re excited to welcome passionate new team members to our company that continues to differentiate by solving complex technical challenges, committing to innovate and fully leveraging our global scale,” said CEO Mitch Aiello. “Precision converting has become a complex industrial science incorporating deep raw material expertise, revolutionary and widely diverse manufacturing technologies scalable for various consumption needs, dimensional requirements and speed, as well as custom production parts with ultra-tight tolerances. Jon Rudolph and his team at Action have executed well in developing a strong and scalable business in the strategically important and dynamic end markets of automotive and medical solutions."

This transaction strengthens Boyd’s core competencies in sealing, EMI shielding, electrical, acoustic and thermal insulation, vibration absorption, bonding and mechanical damping. New customers will benefit from Boyd’s enhanced ability to support them from any global region with various cost models scalable to their demand and access to the most innovative thermal management technologies available today. Boyd’s diverse and complex solutions drive value to global customers by optimizing product performance and efficiency, preventing unintended device failure, minimizing wear and tear and extending product lifecycles with a design velocity that accelerates development time-to-market – available on three continents.

Additionally, Boyd’s manufacturing and design hubs span North America, Europe and Asia including facilities in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, China, Taiwan, and India.

About Boyd Corporation
Boyd Corporation is a global provider of thermal management and environmental sealing solutions critical to products that keep the world running. The company operates in markets around the world with specific expertise in engineering and design, manufacturing and supply chain management and commits to proactive customer satisfaction across electronics, mobile computing, medical technology, transportation, aerospace and other B2B and consumer-critical industries. Boyd Corporation: One Company, Many Solutions. Visit us at

About Action Fab
Founded in 1983, and with operations in Michigan, Tennessee and Texas, Action is one of the leading flexible materials converting companies in the United States, providing clients with cost-effective, value-added custom solutions to meet their specific application needs. Converting tapes and other adhesive backed foams, plastics and specialty materials, Action serves clients in diverse markets including the automotive, medical, electronics, appliance, display security, and furniture industries. Visit us at

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