Newest Addition to Boyd’s SOLIMIDE® Foams Product Line Adds Cushioning Enhancement, 20% Improvement in Thermal Resistance


MODESTO, CA – April 26, 2017- Boyd Corporation, a global provider of precision-engineered, specialty material-based energy management and sealing solutions, today announced the launch of Densified SOLIMIDE® foam. Building on decades of market leadership in aerospace and defense markets with its flagship SOLIMIDE® polyimide open-cell foam, Boyd has developed new processes to optimize its inherent mechanical and thermal properties for compact and harsh environments. The result is a lightweight, chemically inert foam that naturally can withstand extreme temperatures, optimized for cushioning with 20% better thermal resistance compared to the existing SOLIMIDE® portfolio.   

The new product is an extension of the SOLIMIDE® product line and is ideal for consumer electronics, medical devices, aerospace avionic and in-flight entertainment systems, industrial tubing and ducting systems, and automotive engine areas – high heat environments with thermally-sensitive components and varying degrees of mechanical movement. The product continues to maintain its existing characteristics—fire resistance, non-toxic, acoustic absorbing and lightweight with a long lifespan. Densified SOLIMIDE® can be customized to a specific thickness with tight tolerance control even at 0.05mm thick, molded to complex three-dimensional shapes, skinned to exhibit the characteristics of a closed cell foam, and combined with secondary heat spreading media. Before any such customizations, the continuous use operating temperature range is from -200°C to as high as +300°C.

“The product was developed in response to customer demand for SOLIMIDE® foam’s existing core competencies in thermal and acoustic insulation as well as mechanical cushioning, with the additional enhanced thermal resistance for smaller spaces and cushioning management in more rugged environments. The result is the ability to absorb and cushion shock while providing high-performance lateral heat spreading or advanced heat shielding,” said Brett Ward, Vice President of Polymer Operations, Boyd Corporation.

The company’s initial solutions featuring the innovative new material include touch temperature control of a medical wand as the hand-held device touches a patient’s skin and as a heat shield for the turbo section of an automotive engine. The product is being evaluated for use in advanced electronics as a two-in-one solution to improve current thermal and hot spot management thresholds while managing mechanical movement and shock absorption, allowing for consolidation as well as continued advancement in higher powered and more condensed electronic designs.

In February 2017, UBM and Design News awarded Densified SOLIMIDE® a Golden Mousetrap Award for innovative product commercialization success opportunity in the “Engineering Plastics & Composites” category.

The SOLIMIDE® Foams division of Boyd Corporation manufactures SOLIMIDE® in Magnolia, AR and has filed a patent for the new product introduction.


Boyd Corporation is a global provider of precision-engineered, specialty material-based energy management and sealing solutions with specific expertise in engineering and design, manufacturing and supply chain management. The company operates in markets around the world and serves customers in electronics, mobile computing, medical technology, transportation, aerospace and other B2B and consumer-critical industries. For nearly 100 years, the Boyd brand has represented stability, adaptability and vision along with employing the most experienced team in the industry.

The SOLIMIDE® Foams division of Boyd Corporation offers a family of high performance polyimide open-cell insulation foams with lightweight, thermal and acoustic properties. The product line, used in aircraft, spacecraft, railcars, marine vessels and other applications, offers seven variations to accommodate different temperature and environment needs.

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