Boyd Deepens Expertise in Low-Noise & High-Efficiency Air Blowers

Pleasanton, California – January 10, 2019Boyd Corporation,a global leader in thermal management and environmental sealing solutions, announced the acquisition of the Airflow Systems business from an affiliate of Henkel Corporation as of December 21st, 2018. This new acquisition brings additional design capability and high-performance air blower technology to the air mover product portfolio of Boyd Corporation - a name that carries almost 100 years of commitment to technological evolution and responsiveness to customer needs.

With an advanced air mover R&D center in Torrington, Connecticut, this technology-focused acquisition enhances Boyd’s thermal research and development capabilities to include not only mission-critical heat dissipation but also environmental comforts, such as reduced sound and vibration, for advanced applications that require quieter operation.

“Boyd is committed to investing in new thermal technology that aligns with our customers’ design and performance needs for the future. End market expectations in telecommunications, enterprise electronics, and consumer markets have moved beyond reliable performance enabled by effective thermal management. Performance with minimal impact to local environment is an important consideration – we expect reliable performance from quiet devices in our homes, workspaces or neighborhoods that aren’t necessarily seen or heard,” said Boyd CEO Mitch Aiello. “This Airflow Systems business and R&D team are highly complementary to Boyd’s existing thermal solutions, helping us continue to refine and differentiate our air cooling portfolio with highly efficient, quiet blowers that offer excellent quality and long-term reliability. The team that joins us has a strong foundation of innovation. We look forward to building on that foundation by broadening the solutions portfolio and making them globally available to customers that need differentiated air movers.”

This transaction deepens Boyd’s expertise in active cooling solutions and complements sealing and protection core competencies in noise and vibration management. These advanced technologies and new design teams will benefit from Boyd’s enhanced ability to support customers from any global region with scalable mass production models and broadened access to teams of thermal and mechanical R&D engineers located around the world. The acquired business will operate within Boyd’s specialty thermal division, Aavid.

Boyd’s diverse and complex solutions drive value to global customers by optimizing product performance and efficiency, preventing unintended device failure, minimizing wear and tear, and extending product lifecycles with a design velocity that accelerates development time-to-market – available on three continents.

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