Environmental Responsibility

It’s an important priority at Boyd to protect the environment and drive sustainability across our footprint. We are stewards for the environment and take this responsibility seriously. Healthy natural resources are important to our global societies and economies. We believe the health of the communities where we operate and the planet are not only important for the well-being of society, but also our employees and business.

We continually search for and implement environmental policy initiatives that help us reduce our environmental footprint. We focus on implementing renewable energy sources where possible, minimizing the waste we create, lowering our energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as considering full product life cycle from design to assure responsible product content during use and after a good or device has been discarded. We work to implement circular economy principles that minimize our environmental impact and conserve resources.

We commit to:

Optimize Boyd operations with a focus on the environment to prevent pollution at its source while conserving natural resources. Use renewable energy sources and reduce our overall energy usage.

Minimize the waste we create by recycling, efficiently using natural resources, and innovating our processes and utilization of raw materials for maximum yield.

Being thoughtful of our products’ full lifecycle from early-stage design to end-of-life, contemplating full environmental impacts of the materials we choose to use.

Preparing for emergencies with response plans to minimizing any potential environmental impacts from operational issues.

Complying with global environmental laws, rules, regulations and other obligations, including without limitation: RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65), etc.

Raising environmental awareness and promoting participation in environmental management programs across third party collaborators like suppliers, business partners, and contractors.

Driving continuous improvement through training, detailed policies, and recognizing excellence.

Measuring program effectiveness and environmental performance with objectives that are regularly measured against with frequent executive review.

Learn more about our manufacturing commitment to environmental management systems and ISO 14001.

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