Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Harassment at Boyd Corporation

Respectful & Positive Work Environment for Everyone

Boyd Corporation’s Culture of Respect relies heavily on inclusion and positive collaboration. Each person is treated with respect and dignity. Each person should feel valued for their differences and contributions. Boyd nurtures this behavior across the broad spectrum of our organization – from corporate policy, to department management, to the personal, individual level.

We believe that we are more effective at achieving our goal of creating unmatched value for our customers, colleagues, and shareholders by embracing diversity and inclusion at Boyd. Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation erodes and permanently damages Boyd’s Culture, our positive work environment - and is strictly not tolerated. Harassment, discrimination and retaliation have no place in our business. So, each of us at Boyd make deliberate efforts to respect each other, accept one another, and leverage each persons’ unique talents to create value in a positive manner. Respect, positivity, acceptance, diversity and inclusion make Boyd stronger.

Diversity & Inclusion Create a Stronger Foundation

Diversity truly enhances our culture, helps us serve clients well, and maximizes return for shareholders. Including talents and people with varying backgrounds and experiences provides multiple viewpoints on the same challenges. Offering equal opportunity to people with dissimilar talents builds a robust team of experts. At Boyd, we find that by supporting differences and welcoming input from all perspectives, we’re able to gain insight, find faster and more effective solutions to challenging problems, and innovate at a higher level. Diversity within Boyd enables us to provide more value to those around us.


At Boyd, we do not tolerate any workplace harassment. This includes but is not limited to discriminatory harassment based on individual characteristics protected by law, bullying with physical or emotional harm, or sexual harassment. We strive to perpetuate a positive and healthy work environment for anyone in contact with Boyd.

Respectful & Responsible Resolutions

Since Boyd takes all reports of workplace misconduct seriously, we encourage and support anyone to come forward and report behavior that does not comply with our policies and Culture of Respect. Reports are investigated promptly and thoroughly to determine and implement corrective actions and conflict resolution.

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