Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Culture of Respect at Boyd is dedicated to enforcing Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking systems and controls. Modern slavery can take various forms, including human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labor. We do not tolerate modern slavery in any form and strive to fully comply with all applicable labor and employment laws, rules and regulations. Boyd is implementing these systems and controls within our business and supply chain to mitigate the risk of modern slavery across our operations. As Boyd is focused in a Culture of Respect, we strive to treat all people with respect and dignity and foster an inclusive and ethical culture. We also expect these same commitments to be shared and upheld by our supply chain and business partners. Our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking dedication applies to all persons working for Boyd or on our behalf in any capacity. Ensuring modern slavery is not part of Boyd’s practices is one of our top priorities. Boyd believes in transparency and discloses our anti-slavery and human trafficking efforts. We will adhere to regulatory and ethical requirements in the regions in which we conduct business. Boyd will continuously monitor, evaluate, and prevent any risk and exposure of modern slavery in our business. Read Boyd's full Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

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