Waste Heat Recovery Solutions: Putting Excess Heat to Work

Extract energy from waste streams for effective energy recovery using Aavid heat exchanger solutions. Conserve energy by extracting heat from a waste stream and reusing it in other ways such as providing warmth for buildings or steam or process heating for chemical processing. Waste heat recovery has been proven through decades of application.

Two phase cooling technologies such as heat pipes or thermosiphons, with their low thermal gradient mode of heat transfer, enable more efficient energy recovery by minimizing the ΔT required between two process streams. Aavid solutions enable higher levels of energy recovery and permit the use of a smaller, lower-cost heat exchanger. Waste heat recovery has been applied to a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Aavid thermal solutions have been applied to improve performance in all these areas:
•Make-up air heat exchangers in residential applications

•Dehumidification heat exchangers for commercial applications

•High-temperature waste gas heat exchangers for the power and chemical process industries

Aavid can provide thermal solutions for waste heat recovery at any temperature.