Thermal Storage Solutions: Waste Heat as an Energy Source

By storing a heat source’s thermal output during a "cooling mode," thermal storage systems allow designers the opportunity to create systems that later extract heat for power generation or to protect against excessive cold. Thermal storage also offers an alternative to rejecting large heat loads in a short time, instead allowing heat to be dissipated over an extended duty cycle, at a lower cost and with a less complex heat dissipation system design.

Thermal Storage Solution Benefits:
•Greater flexibility and heat availability

•Increased reliability and uptime

•Cost effective

•Integrates with other applications: Satellite thermal control incorporates thermal storage systems that store heat for periods when heat input is required to maintain system temperature.

•Extended system capabilities: In solar industry applications, thermal storage systems are being developed to enable stable power generation during partly cloudy days and evening hours.

Thermal storage systems can be based on single-phase, two-phase (latent or phase change), or chemical methods. Custom heat storage solutions are also available. Aavid can provide thermal storage solutions that operate effectively at any temperature.